7 tips for Small Space Amazing Designs

When you save tons of money for getting a new house or an apartment, then you will definitely want to have a high-end looking home. If you have a small house and there is less space for reflecting your creativity, then it is quite challenging to get a high-end look that you dream of. It is a herculean job but not impossible to make your small home elegant. An essential thing which you need to consider while decorating small spaces is only to include the items that you love the most. With this rule in mind, check out some easy and quick tips for designing a small space without breaking the bank.

1.  Use 2-in-1 furniture

Although it is quite difficult to find furniture that has two uses,but it is not impossible to get one. For instance, you can use a bed that has a storage space inside of it or a couch that is transformed into abed. You can also get a rotating room divider that also serves as a TV Shelf and Bookcase.

2.  Avoid over-accessorizing

You should never over-accessorize your small apartment when decorating as it gives a very chaotic look. You will just need to add charm and a personal touch without overdoing it. For instance, you can place a sculptural lamp on the side table instead of a lamp and a decorative accessory like astatue. You can also store the small items in beautifully decorative boxes and can display on the tables, bookshelves or mantels.

3.  Decorate in vertical position

Most of the people tend to overload the amount of floor space and ignoring the space near the ceiling. Decorating the space above the door gives a very charming and high-end look to thesmall house. You can take the window treatment to the ceiling as it will elongate the wall and gives it a taller look.

4.  Paint the larger wall with dark color

People usually avoid dark colors or bold patterns when decorating small space as they think that such colors or patterns can ruin the look of a smaller apartment. That is not true. Dark colors do not make it look bigger, but it can give a dramatic and lively look to your small apartment.

5.  Use furniture with legs

Always prefer furniture that has legs rather than the one that sits directly on the floor as it takes more space and does not allow you to put your bag or other spare items under the bed or table.

6.  Edit consistently

You have to look everything with a critical eye and discard the items that you do not need anymore. For instance, if have atable that you just do not love, then you can get rid of it, and you can also add something which you find missing in your apartment. Avoid storing things that you do not really need.

7.  Install large mirrors

If you want to give an illusion of more space, then you can install large mirrors on your wall. It gives the look of more space through reflection.

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