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The xCard360 application was designed to be a simple tool that will allow you to have Xbox Live gamer tag information right at your fingertips with-out the need to log in or use a web browser.
■ .NET version 2.0 or greater installed







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• xCard360 allows you to access your xbox LIVE gamer tag at the push of a button
• xCard360 can be installed on a removable USB device
• xCard360 can be configured to show a pre-determined gamer tag
• xCard360 can be created to be hidden so that it does not show on the Xbox 360 dashboard
• xCard360 can be configured to be hidden in (chatty) groups (A Chatty Gamer Tag will show in the title bar)

How to use the xCard360 application:

1. Configure xCard360 to show a pre-determined gamer tag
2. Install xCard360 on a usb device
3. Launch the xCard360 application
4. Insert the usb device into the Xbox 360 Console
5. Click “Create Card”
6. Select the Gamer Tag that xCard360 is to show (if using the above example, select “Scubble”)
7. Click “Save”

Caveats of xCard360

The xCard360 application is simply a program that has been generated to allow Xbox LIVE users the ability to see their Gamer tag. xCard360 was designed with this in mind and allows for this with minimal coding, however it is only as powerful as the data it receives.

If you wish to provide links to your Xbox Live media, this will not work as the information to display are static, and would require a significant amount of coding.

This same problem will occur if you wish to allow display of xbox live points. If you wish to modify the application to include other information, be prepared to do significant programming.


Please visit the xCard360 website:

If you have any questions or comments, please email help@xcard360.com

xCard360 is a trademark of Xtreme Development Group, All rights reserved.


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xCard360 Product Key allows you to search your Xbox Live gamer tag information by simply entering a text string, or a Gamertag. With xCard360’s powerful filtering capabilities, you will be able to quickly view a list of Xbox Live users with the same or similar Gamertags as you.
In addition to viewing a list of Xbox Live users, xCard360 also allows you to search all accounts associated with that Gamertag to find additional information about that Gamertag’s owner, account creation date, and more. xCard360 allows you to access information from your home Xbox Live, Xbox Live from Anywhere, and Xbox Live from the internet.

With xCard360 you’ll be able to:
■ View a list of Xbox Live users based on a text string entered
■ Search all accounts of a Gamertag
■ View information about each account for a Gamertag
■ View information about each account’s Gamertag
■ Search xCard360 by Gamertag, by Username, and by Microsoft Account
■ Create and edit backup files
■ View game replay statistics
■ Search Microsoft Store and download purchase history
■ Download activities
■ View and edit Microsoft Account
■ View achievements
■ View an account’s email address
■ View a list of Gamertags owned by a user
Note: xCard360 is only compatible with Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows 8.1.

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XCard360 Crack+ Keygen For Windows

.NET version 2.0 or greater is required for this application to run.
xCard360 allows users to enter their gamer tag information from within an ASP.NET application hosted on a web server.

.NET version 3.5 or higher is also required to install the necessary libraries required to run xCard360.
Xbox Live cross-network name and gamer tag (XNA ID) are saved in a database field, and a.CSV file is generated to download to the user’s computer as well as a registry entry is created.
If the correct version of.NET is not installed, the application will not run, and the user will not be notified of the missing.NET components.
If a different version of.NET is installed, but still can not run, the application will not run, and will report the version of.NET installed.

It does not put a user’s gamer tag data in a URL when it is downloaded, but you can modify the server-side code to update the URL if desired.
xCard360 can also be customized to display information such as birth date or height.
If the user’s profile does not have the “Show my gamer tag” option in their profile settings, or if the user’s profile or Xbox Live account is not setup correctly, the xCard360 application will not list the gamer tag in the xCard360 application.

How to Install xCard360
Double-click xCard360Setup.exe
Review the Security Read Me and click OK to install xCard360
Click Install


When a new version of xCard360 is available, it is recommended to close xCard360, then download, install, and update xCard360.
If the application is installed on a computer that is not logged onto Xbox Live, the application will need to be restarted after each update.

• Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or higher
• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 or higher

You must have one of the above listed Microsoft.NET Framework or Visual Studio installed in order for xCard360 to run.
Update Version Information
To determine the version information for the currently installed.NET Framework, double-click on the.NET Framework version number in the About dialog box.
To determine the current.NET Framework version of Visual Studio, open the Visual Studio 2010 menu in the Start Menu, right-click on Visual Studio 2010, and select Properties

What’s New in the?

The xCard360 is a simple utility that simplifies the ability to view gamer tags in Windows. It allows the user to enter a name or gamer tag, and it will instantly display their information online (XboxLive.com).
The program will then display any information that is available for that gamer tag. This includes any accomplishments, achievements, and profile information that is available. You can also change the display image of the gamer tag and even edit the title of the gamer tag.
More information on how to use the xCard360, and how to configure it, can be found at:

Download Instructions:

xCard 360

By Julien Dufour – Oct 5, 2004

xCard360 – by WuHui on Sept 22, 2004

xCard360 Downloads

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System Requirements For XCard360:

OS: Windows 7/Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.4 Ghz or AMD Athlon XP 2400+
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Video Card: AGP 3x
Hard Drive: 700 MB free space
Release Date: September 15, 2002
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