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We will continue building upon WinGuruXP Console. The applications were developed to be extended even further in future releases.

Supported Applications:


WinGuruXP Console Crack

WinGuruXP Console is a suite of small and powerful tools design to work together within a Windows Console (SWVE. Single Window Virtual Environment).
It was designed and built to take full advantage of the Windows XP Operating System while providing an open platform to continue adding more tools, internal/external plug-ins and functionality in future releases. WinGuru XP Console is a compact, single binary file application less than 2MB in size.
It doesn’t require installation/de-installation scripts or registry entries, making it a truly non-intrusive application, simply unzip it and use it. The Console or Main SWVE Window works as a “Single Pane of Glass” launching and managing all the built-in applications, and controlling how they interact with each other and the Operating System.
Once the Console is started all the SWVE applications become available and functional while the Console is running. Each SWVE application can be individually started and terminated without effecting the remaining running applications or the Operating System. When the Console is terminated all the SWVE applications will be shut-down.
Some of the SWVE applications were designed to take full advantage of the new powerful Windows XP/2000 embedded technologies such as WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), OLE, ActiveX and WinSock controls.
Other SWVE applications were designed to enhance the functionality of existing Windows applications while minimizing their overhead or taking advantage of existing external Industry Standard Technologies such as VNC (Virtual Network Computer), VPN (Virtual Private Network) and SSH (Secure Shell), allowing the applications to easily interact with Windows or Unix/Linux environments.
The WinGruXP Console and built-in SWVE applications were designed to help the average Windows XP users gain control and better understanding of their System and provide powerful tools to more sophisticated users like Network Managers or System/Network Support organizations.
WinGuruXP Console is an on-going project aim to provide quality Windows applications to a wide range of users. We depend on your input to continue improving the application and adding more functionality and tools.
This document is a user manual for the WinGuruXP Console. You can exit the application by pressing the ESC key or by exiting the active application.


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All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by

WinGuruXP Console With Full Keygen

WinGuruXP Console – Overview

The WinGuruXP Console (WinGuruXP CX), is a unique Windows console tool that is designed to enhance the Windows console experience by providing a rich set of built-in applications that span across all Windows NTFS file systems. It includes various SWVE applications such as the SWVE Explorer, SWVE Clock, SWVE Notifier, SWVE Notifier All Programs, SWVE Notifier Start-Up, SWVE Notifier Logs, SWVE Notifier Settings, SWVE Windows Explorer, SWVE Connectivity and SWVE Console Change Log.

WinGuruXP CX Console

The application is very simple to use. All the built-in applications and tools are displayed within a single SWVE Windows console window with the ability to move between the main console window to any of the internal tool windows. The main console window has a Visual CX (CX stands for Console) for managing all the applications within the SWVE. It has a similar functionality as the “Start Menu” (except in the MS Win9x & ME era) for launching and managing the built-in applications as well as external and internal windows applications and programs.

The SWVE Explorer provides a new way for Windows users to get easy access to all of their drives, directories and files, and to create and manage shortcuts to easily access all of their files and directories. It supports the creation and management of files in NTFS, FAT and Linux file systems, as well as Unicode and ASCII file formats. The SWVE Explorer is also a powerful file manager as it manages the contents of NTFS drives, similar to the built-in Windows XP file manager. It is an indispensable tool for all Windows users to manage and explore the drives, files and directories on their system in a fast and convenient way. WinGuruXP Explorer will bring you great joy in using Windows and gain the command-line experience you have been waiting for.

The WinGuruXP Console also includes built-in applications for managing time, networking and event logs. The WinGuruXP clock provides an intuitive interface for controlling the Windows hardware clock. It uses the Windows Time service (w32tm) to make time adjustments and can automatically be configured to start with Windows and/or other time servers. You can configure it to sync to any time server you wish or simply use the built-in Windows time server and let the system synchronize to another

What’s New In WinGuruXP Console?

A multi-window User Interface that connects to a Remote or Local Computer running one or more SWVE/VNC/VNC Remote Client Applications.
Features & function:
Multi-window User Interface
Multi-window UI Window Management
multi-window Application Control
Multi-window Swooper Control
Internal SWVE Window Manager
Local SWVE Window Manager
VNC Remote Client Control
Remote SWVE Client/Server Control
Local VNC Remote Client Control
Remote VNC Remote Client Control
Remote Swooper Control
Remote RPC Control
Remote Terminal Services Control
Virtual Network Computer Control
Virtual Private Network Control
Secure Shell Control
Keyboard and Mouse Control
Direct Memory Access Control
/Script Management Support
Unicode Support
System Information Display
User Information Display
Built-in Applications for:
Remote Applications and services Control (RAC)
Local Applications and Services Control (LAC)
Remote Applications and Services Control (RAS)
Local Applications and Services Control (LAS)
Running SWVE Window Features:
Single SWVE Window
Multiple SWVE Windows
Terminate or Start SWVE Window
Swooper Control Functionality
Keyboard/Mouse Control Functionality
Local SWVE Window Manager Functionality
Remote SWVE Window Manager Functionality
VNC Control Functionality
Remote RPC Control Functionality
Remote Terminal Services Control Functionality
Universal Command Line Interface (U-CLI)
Keyboard Shortcut Support
Built-in Network Information Display
Built-in Resource Information Display
Built-in Application Window Management
Built-in Swooper Control
Built-in Keyboard and Mouse Control
Built-in Direct Memory Access Control
Built-in Unicode Support
Built-in System Information Display
Built-in User Information Display
Built-in Scripting
Built-in Script Management Features
Built-in Application Features
Built-in Remote Apps and Services Control Features
Built-in Local Apps and Services Control Features
Built-in SWVE Window Manager Features
Built-in VNC Control Features
Built-in Remote RPC Control Features
Built-in Remote Terminal Services Control Features
Built-in Virtual Network Computer Control Features

WinGuruXP Console Installation & Requirements
This Linux/Unix Version of WinGuruXP Console requires at least GNU/Linux or BSD x86_64 Operating System, OS Kernel >= 2.6.13 or >= 2.4.10, KDE >= 3.2.2, or XFCE

System Requirements For WinGuruXP Console:

Windows 10 (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon R9 M380 or better
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 580 or better
NVIDIA GPU required.
FPS supported up

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