When Should I Worry About Termites?


When should I worry about termites? The answer is always, when you start to notice their little black marks all over your house. This is the proof that they’ve been eating your dry wall. When you start to hear clicking noises when you close and open your garage door, or see winged creatures skittering across the wood-chip floor in your backyard, then you should take action and find a termite control company right away. But, how do you know when you should be worrying?

There are a number of signs that will let you know when to start looking for a pest control company that specializes in termite extermination. The first one is seeing little winged insects scampering across your dry and wood-chip flooring. The second is seeing small, sawdust-like debris being pushed across your freshly-cleaned walls. And finally, there will be the black, chunky bags of mud – sometimes even full of human waste – being dislodged from the soil around your foundation’s and piled up along the baseboards. If you are seeing or hearing these signs, then you should definitely call Bug Brigade Pest Control.

When should I worry about termites? One sign to look for is a slow increase in the number of termites that invade a structure. If you see this happening over an extended period of time, you should consider calling a company. Another sign to look for is seeing reproductive colonies form. You can’t really call them ‘termites’ since they don’t leave any evidence of their existence, but you can definitely mark them as such. colonies will form wherever there’s a food supply (human or animal) and an entrance way (doorways, windows, etc).

When should I worry about termites? If a colony is spotted forming on a structure – often the garage – you need to act quickly to prevent it from expanding. If you see these signs, there’s a good chance there will be other infestations nearby, so calling a professional soon will help prevent further damage.

When should I worry about chemicals used for termite treatment? When professional uses one of the chemicals commonly used for termite control, they use a high concentration designed to exterminate the entire colony at once. This is very effective, but many homeowners aren’t comfortable using chemicals in their homes. Many companies have responded by offering alternatives, such as non-toxic ‘step-down’ sprays.

When should I worry about termites? The best way to avoid them is prevention! Keep your home tidy and check for any signs of termite infestation. You can also hire a professional to do regular termite inspections. While it’s true that chemicals used for termite control can be poisonous, if you follow the instructions on the label, they are safe to use around children and pets.

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