What are frameless shower doors?

frameless shower doors

What are frameless shower doors? Well they are the newest to hit the market and they are a big trend setter! They are made of glass and fiberglass, which are joined together with a very strong framework which is then finished with an aluminium foil that can be bent into several different designs. When you look at one of these doors, you have to look closely because the door itself is framed by three different panels which are then attached together with frames and hardware.

So now we know what are frameless shower doors? Well, these doors do not have any visible hardware on the outside, and when you look inside, there are no visible hinges or any other pieces that will give away the design. This makes for a great looking door and it makes it very easy to install because the entire structure of the showering unit and the hardware are concealed. One thing that you can notice about these doors is that they use a single piece of glass on each side which are connected by thin aluminium foils that sit atop the actual glass. Visit Glassdepotorlando.com for more information on frameless shower doors.

So now we know what are frameless shower doors? They are great because they are very energy efficient and they provide excellent sound control and water resistance. They do require more space than the normal sliding shower doors, but that is ok because it is all glass and you do not lose any space when using this type of shower. In fact, if you install them in a location where there is not a lot of room to open a door, you can easily fold the entire shower down and store it for the season or the next year. This is done by simply running the metal frame tracks under the floor around the perimeter of the shower and by folding the shower up while keeping the metal frame in place.

The reason that these types of doors are so energy efficient is because the glass that is used does not allow the cold air from the shower or the hot air from the hot tub to enter the enclosure. This is because the glass is actually semi-framed and the glass is installed in such a way that it only slides half way open so that the air can enter at a slower rate. When this happens, the hot air does not have to travel as quickly through the glass making it much cooler inside than it would be if the door were framed.

What are frameless doors that are made with this technology? There are a few different types that are available and one of them is the frameless doors with the plastic or metal hinges. This is the easiest to install and the least expensive option. When installing it, the only thing that is needed to do is to remove the old door and replace it with the new one. All that is left is to screw the hinges into place.

These doors are also much easier to find. You can purchase them at your local home improvement store. In addition to being easier to find, they are also more affordable. When you consider installation cost, you will discover that it is significantly less then a traditional framed shower door. This means that you will not have to spend nearly as much money to get this type of door in place.


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