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Jar Design A320 Serial Codel

Jar Design A320 Serial Codel


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Sql Server 2008 – Distinct records

I have a table with an ID (int), Name (nvarchar(50)), Dept (nvarchar(50))
in my example the data is :
ID Name Dept
1 Bob 2
2 Rob 2
3 Joe 2
4 John 1
5 Rob 1
6 Jane 1
7 Sam 2

What I want to do is only show the rows with a unique Dept. So in the example only two rows would be returned (ID=1, ID=5). This is easy enough by using GROUP BY and ORDER BY DESC but is there a way to do this without using GROUP BY?


You can use MIN() and Row_Number() function
select * from
SELECT *, MIN(dep) over(partition by Dept) as min_dep
FROM dbo.YourTable
where sub.min_dep = 1

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I’ve been restoring, and preserving my P320 since 2002. I’ve had the in-box P320 since 2006. I have a P320 I bought from PlaneTest in  .

I may be mistaken on the serial number/code and
process as all of this is a very old thread. I thought this one would have been more specific.
The in-box planes I have had are the following: D-9604, D-5042, A-320, A-360, A-360S, A-320N, and P-3SAT. I cannot remember the manufacturer off of hand but off of these numbers.

P-3SAT was purchased in 2008 from .
N.D. An active A320N from 2011 that I restored that is on display at Calscraft Airshows.

It may sound ridiculous but I have been restoring and adding parts to the in-boxes planes for over 15 years. I just hope to hell I’m not the only one with a restore of this age.
(I’ve seen the posts and I think yours is the only one of the, at least that I could find, that made it sound like you actually understood your plane.

Posting as in-box will avoid most other posts on here and also commenting on it unless I know your serial number and if you provide one.

Hope this helps a little bit.


Here is my serial number without any key or activation. I have full access to the registry.

H-2330SC when the go to the safe area, there is three buttons on the top, two buttons under the safe area and one button behind the safe area. I use Windows 10 64 bit. My serial number is on this post.


What is the problem? On the PT post you posted, the password is listed as “blank” but it certainly would’ve said something like *PASSWORD* so we can’t know if it’s blank because the store didn’t give it to you, the code is blank, or it’s actually blank.
In any event, just go into the safe area and choose “Activate License” and enter the same serial number (it does not have to be the same) into both the serial number and the reg code fields.

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