Tips on How to Dispose of or Limit the Production of the Garbage

 Tips on How to Dispose of or Limit the Production of the Garbage

As human beings and as the species on top of the food chain with a conscience, it is our duty to solve the issue of excessive waste that is produced by us and is largely harming us. The area where waste is dumped has so many bacteria and harmful gasses like methane and carbon dioxide which is released in the air by the process of incineration and pollutes our environment, we should also at all times, think about the other living beings and our planet that is also suffering because of us.

Being the most intelligent beings of this world, we should find ways to save ourselves and others from the harm posed by the waste. The ways should be innovative and interesting that they effectively do our work according to the type of waste, for instance; a banana peel can take 1 month to decompose, an eraser can take 70+ years and a plastic wrapper can take up to 500 years to fully decompose.

So, our ideas should be according to the lifespan of the waste that we are dealing with, one example of an innovative idea of waste disposal can be best garbage disposals in the market.

Here we are going to discuss the ways, tips and ideas which can be used in properly disposing of or limiting the production of the waste for the betterment of our health and the ecosystem altogether.

Tips and Ideas for Disposing and preventing the production of Waste in the Right Way:

  1. Begin proper disposal of waste from your home, sort your home’s waste in different bins like disposing of the peels of veggies and the remains of fruits in 1 bin, plastic waste in 1 bin and the other miscellaneous waste in another bin. You can use the organic waste as fertilizers for your garden or you can just spin it in the best waste king, resell the plastic and glass waste to a recycling store; do not use the plastic bags in doing all this because it will only contribute to the waste.
  2. Try to use paper bags instead of plastic bags and also dispose of your garbage in the garbage bin in the paper bags, but don’t forget to seal them so that no animals can get inside it.
  3. Try to use as less chemical products as possible; do not use them until and unless extremely important and if used, should be reused.
  4. Also, try to buy things that are eco-friendly or easily recycle-able. When buying grocery; buy the ones that are not plastic packed rather buy them in a paper packing to reduce plastic waste.
  5. The waste of hospitals, i.e. he syringes and the needles should always be disposed of after breaking it in half and in a package that contains its proper warning.
  6. Chemical wastes should also be kept separate so that they do not mix with other wastes and cause fermentation which will release poisonous gasses.
  7. The glass bottles/ glasses should be rinsed before being sent for recycling.

These were some tips on how we can keep the production and disposal of waste to the minimum; if we can’t change the world we can at least play our part in saving ourselves and the world we live in.

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