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Just read this review about how this film is about a miserable sad bag of yourself.
I have seen many films and in general agree with the genre, because the movie is without anguish, not made about some original sins, not getting lost, even such as homosexuality, the only thing that could be mentioned was sex with a sister. And here is this case: some students, full of selfishness and narcissism, in their presence dreamed of sleeping with guys, and then they were raped, others, being good, but not like them, also dreamed of getting laid, but only once, but they were still beaten and raped. The film also showed what people are like. What can they do. End up in hospital beds. And it won’t affect anything. All this is annoying. But I understand why they did it. If they wanted to kill their sister, they would have done the same. I do not understand this. But why did they then begin to hate each other for this. If they subconsciously hated themselves, then why reproach everyone. I have a theory that hating other victims is part of their mind. They hate all the victims, because of which they cannot calm down and feel good. Watching such films is difficult, they make themselves felt at every turn. Before you rate a movie, you need to be prepared for what you hate. I hated myself in this movie, I hated myself for being who I am. Self-hatred is a trait, it changes a person. I hate myself, but I’m getting better. I got better.



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