The Perfect Interior Painting

The perfect interior painting:

If you are getting a new home or want to make your old house look new and fresh, then the quickest and easiest way to do so is to paint your interior walls. However, if you are doing the interior painting Calgary yourself instead of hiring a professional painter, then you need to be very careful while painting because a little mishap can make you crazy because paint can spread everywhere and anywhere.

Painting walls yourself is one of those jobs which people prefer to do themselves because 1; it is easy and 2; it is more affordable when you do it yourself, but you need some useful tips to help you in this chore. If you want amazingly beautiful looking walls with less chance of mishap, then you should read on the article to find out tips which will help you in interior painting Calgary.

Tips to Get Best-Painted Walls:

The perfect interior painting:


  1. Make the surface you want to paint ready: if you’re going to paint the walls successfully, then you should prepare the walls before painting them. By preparing them, we mean that you must scrap that wall, smooth it with sandpaper, and patch it up so that no hole, crack or bump is left on the wall.This is the most tiring and exhausting part of interior painting Calgary, but it is also the most important one and is a must. If you don’t want to do it, you can also hire someone to do it for you and then you can paint the walls yourself.
  2. Tinting your primer: priming the walls that you are painting is must when you are coloring your new drywall or coating over a dark-colored wall. If you prime your walls, there are three main advantages that you will get; first: your primer will coat the walls in one coating of paint, second: the primer will block the stains from exposure out and third it will improve the adhesive of the paint so that it will stick to the wall in a better way. There are now some paints available which already have primer in it.
  3. Protect your floors from paint: if you don’t want a spoiled floor after you are done painting, then you should cover your floor with canvas protectors instead of plastic ones.  Plastic protectors are cheap and can protect the floor, but a canvas one can be reused several times and also doesn’t present with the tripping hazard. A plastic protector can become slippery after paint splatters on it, and you can seriously hurt yourself by tripping.
  4. Get a telescoping pole instead of stepladder: stepladders are now old-school, you need to get extension poles which are easy to use and are available in various sizes. There are poles available in up to 18 feet long, but if you want a long term investment, then you should get an extendable one which will extend from 18 to 36 inches and can paint ceilings up to 8 to 9 foot high.You can easily twist the paint roller on this pole with the help of the paint roller’s handle, which has a hole in it for these purposes. Also, keep in mind to buy an extension pole which has a firm grip, is flexible and is made of good quality (preferably metal made).
  5. Use the paint grid instead of a paint tray: we all know that paint trays are messy and tiring to work with, but the paint grid is way easier, hassle-free and neater. Because of a print grid, you can paint directly from a five-gallon bucket instead of pouring paint out on the tray. You can fill the bucket halfway and hang the grid in it. Just dip the roller or brush in paint; clean it on the grid and then drop the grid into the paint bucket when you are done, see? No hassle and no mess.When you are done painting with the utensils, you can stoke the wall for the paint to clean off from the brushes and rollers, and then you can wrap them in food wrap to keep them from drying; it will also save you from washing all the utensils every time you take a break.

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