The Importance of Having Security Lights at Home

The Importance of Having Security Lights at Home

At this time and age, you can never be too safe. It is always advisable to take security matters seriously. You and your loved ones’ lives depend on it. This is why you have to place an ample amount of time and effort and installing security devices in your home or at your business establishment if you have one. Security is something that you must not take lightly and put off for tomorrow. To protect your home, one of the best ways to start is by installing security lights. Putting these on your home would result in an increased feeling of ease and safety.

How Does Security Lighting Protect People?

People who would like to do you harm oftentimes use the cloak of darkness so that they would go about freely and not be seen while doing the unscrupulous deed. However, when you have security lighting installed, it should be able to detect any unauthorized intrusions to your property. It also gives an air of discouragement since seeing these lights should deter these people from continuing whatever they have in mind.

Coupled with a CCTV camera, these people would surely be caught and their identities exposed should they proceed with their plans. Common criminals tend to back off when they see that the establishment that they are going to attack has been fortified with security measures like this one.

Planning ahead:

While the statement above can be true at times, some bold individuals even use security lights to see what they are doing. It also sometimes prevents other people from noticing that a crime is ongoing. Sure, not using these all-night lights would reduce costs in electricity but it also stops people from doing vandalism in public places.

It might sound like security lighting is counter-productive but the pros are much better than the cons. This is why careful planning must be done first before proceeding with the installation. If the lighting was designed poorly, it could cause unnecessary glare which will do more harm than good. Oftentimes, this flaw in the lighting can be exploited by criminals and in turn, defeats the purpose as to why it was installed in the first place. In planning the design for your security lighting, you must put into perspective the area where it would be placed, if it will be monitored manually or by using CCTV’s and if it is visible for other cameras or to people who pass by the area.

Of course, the lighting itself must be protected from tampering or interference. In fact, the whole system that runs the lighting must be protected as well. This can be done by mounting the lights on a high location, surround it with wire mesh or use shields made from polycarbonate materials. Also, the lighting must have a backup reserve power in case of power failures.

The Usage of Security Lighting:

Since security lighting is a very important safety tool, it is commonly installed in residential areas. Not only that, but people in commercial centers also use them as a way to ward off would-be offenders that are planning to do crimes on their establishments. Other locations that use this type of lighting are schools, factories (or any other industrial location) and military bases and installations.

Security lightings can be the normal open-all-night types and there is another type that only opens when a person or animal passing by it. The lighting detects this movement with the use of infrared sensors. This type is much more energy-saving than the normal lightings because it will not be turned on all night. Some other modern types use photocells that only turn on when the surroundings around it have gone dark.

Security Lighting Has Limitations:

This type of lighting is indeed very useful but like others, it has its limitations. The most obvious limitation is that security lighting is only useful during nighttime. Another limitation is that security lighting reduces night vision. This makes it harder for some people to check areas that are not lighted enough or shrouded in shadow.

How to Install Security Lightings?

If it is going to be installed on a house, the lightings should be placed on each side of a column that supports the gate. You can leave this open throughout the night. Next, place lightings that are mounted on a higher location but at the same time are linked to a motion sensor. this would ensure that the lightings will turn on whenever a vehicle passes by the gate. In fact, the sensor will capture any movement within its vicinity. Along the wall, accompanying lights can also be placed with a floodlight that is also linked to a motion sensor for increased security.

In other words, if you value your earnings, your family and your life, placing security lightings is your first step in securing your home. It might be much for you but if you couple it with motion detectors, CCTV cameras, and ones that also emit sounds, you will know if there is someone who threatens your safety and you will be able to call the authorities right away. It is always best to check with a licensed electrician.

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