Four Basic Rules For The Essential Four Tools

What makes us human is our rare imagination and brainpower that keeps us going and makes us curious of new findings. Tools are one basic point of our curious brain that separates us from the animal species. Coming the long way, starting from chirping rocks into spearheads we’ve always worked our ways with innovations and had the best tools in hand for our growing needs. Even today hand tools play their part but the growing need for many tasks power tools put hand tools to shame. It’s not about who wins at the end of the day but it’s about what basic rules one shall always remember before you buy the four essential tools.

Rules Before You Buy Your Tools:

  • Requirement: know your need and for what purpose you are looking for the helping tool. The demand and supply chain works here as well as the situational ultimatum will make you buy your tool. It is such that you need a cordless or handy instrument according to your constraint.
  • Safety: getting the handy tools but forgetting their safety essentials may get you in trouble too, for instance, using the cutting drill but not using the goggles or gloves. Thus while using the helping tools, you shall also look into its safety measures.
  • True cost: knowing where you are investing is a wiser act that we all shall look into but while doing so we shall not cheap out while buying the tools. It’s the one-time investment that you rely on for most of the chores to be done so a quality product will last a lifetime to cut out on its true cost.
  • Usage: we don’t master all skills naturally thus wisely use the tools and its best to study it before getting your hands on it thinking you are a professional.

As many says, put a new tool in a man’s hand and they become giddy at the prospect of getting the job done that they can use it. With many companies providing the best of the best tools, DeWalt Ireland essential tools are one of the bests. It is an American worldwide brand of tools that covers both the power tools as well as hand tools according to one’s needs. But what is the basic sets of essential tools that every man needs or in other words shall own?

Cordless Drill:

When it comes to the power tools it is one of the essentials to own. Without it, you may be like an Amish carpenter as you get your hand to the job of boring holes at the rate of one per hour. With the solid drill cordless or not, you may be able to tackle the most of drilling tasks i.e. from small pilot holes to getting the large holes made for running the electrical wirings through. It is one of the basic handy tools for the modern day craft man. The market is filled with 12v cordless compact drills, that are light and high-tech but if you consider buying a cordless one its best to consider buying an 18v drill that gives a good power to weight ratio in performance. Companies like DeWalt, Bosch, and others make such 18v models that can make your jobs be easy as a breeze.


For eons demolition and destruction have been man’s work. Getting a good quality saw is a great investment as that may make all the cutting of wood and metal be like butter. In this case, blades are also critically important, getting good assortment can give you lifetime peace in doing any manly craft job.

Circular Saw:

When it comes to quick cutwork it does quite a handy job. If you have a regular work of either woodcutting or metal cutting then a circular saw does the job comparatively faster. One thing that you shall be conscious about while handling the circular saw is that it cuts the skin and bones just as smoothly as it cuts wood so take proper safety measures when handling it.

Cordless Hammer:

Fixing holes or drilling or just getting any nails in place, the cordless hammer is also a basic must have in your toolbox that we often forget. Many good hammers can do masonry from 4mm to the depth of 24mm. when it comes to essential tools hammer is a must-have.


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