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Tab Slide Show is plugin that will play a slideshow formed of all your opened tabs. Click on the plugin button to open a tab “Tab Slide Show Dialog”. From the dialog you can enter the number of seconds (x) to display each tab.
Pressing Start will loop through all open tabs showing each tab for x seconds. Pressing the plugin button again (or closing the dialog tab) will stop the slideshow.
· Maxthon 1.0.0178+


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The Maxthon Tab Slide Show is a maximizer feature that allows you to show your open tab contents in the form of a slideshow. It is powered by the URL of each of your open tabs. The slideshow is formed of each page in the tabs. Because each tab could be a different website, such as, the slideshow is different for each tab. This slideshow is like a web page reading program that will help you spend more time on the Internet without loading pages, and to watch interesting videos or play videos and listen to mp3, or watch live china news without loading pages or redirection.
· Quickly open all pages in all tabs without loading any pages.
· Open all pages in any order.
· Supports all browsers, including IE, Maxthon mobile, Opera Mobile, iPad, Smart TV, Android, and all Window browsers.
· Automatically pause the slideshow when tab is closed.
· The slideshow can be paused using the keyboard, mouse, and remote.
· Auto advance to next slide.
· Auto fix the aspect ratio.
· Play slideshow by slide
· With 5 themes including 6 demo themes
· With read web page from slideshow, you can read the HTML page of the page directly from the slideshow.
· With read image from slideshow, you can read the image of the image directly from the slideshow.
· With read video from slideshow, you can read the video of the video directly from the slideshow.
· With read web page from youtube or Dailymotion.
· With read flash from youtube.
· With read pdf file or xps file from internet.
· With read articles from yahoo or bing.
· With read page from
· With read book from google books.
· With read web page from
· With read web page from
· With read video from
· With read web page from
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· With read text from
· With read image from
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· With read news from cnn

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Tab Slide Show Crack Free Download is a simple tool that will display the current tabs. It’s perfect to show the current status of your website, loaded content, etc. In a similar way to the “load” link, it will automatically loop through all open tabs, the number of seconds being defined in the UI.

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Tab Slide Show

· Built-in Maxthon’s Page Action Store
· Maxthon Tab Slide Show offers you the tools to schedule,
manage and view your slide show on Maxthon, a tab within a page,
overlay or sidebar, or via web sites.
· Tab Slide Show can be scheduled to start at any time of day or
· Tab Slide Show can also start at the location of the tab you
open it from.
· Tab Slide Show has the ability to keep the closed tab open when
other tabs are open
· The tab slide show is always shown on the same tab
· Maxthon Tab Slide Show displays the thumbnails of the last 8
maxthon tabs you have set to “Open and looping” to support this.
· It can also “Remember” some of your tabs
· You can set the slideshow to “Open and looping” or “Auto
· When slideshow is open the toolbar remains the same
· Pressing the toolbar plugin button opens a tab slideshow dialog
· Using the tab slideshow dialog you can select what tabs to have
automatically open and start a slideshow
· Maxthon Tab Slide Show has the ability to show specific tabs or
all available tabs
· These tabs can be accessed via the “navigation” tab and can be
set “to always open or open after opening the tab”.
· The slideshow stops when the tab is closed or you exit tab slide
· You can re-arrange the tabs to put the slide show in the
navigation tab
· You can set the delay for before the slideshow starts from 0 to
the 5th tab
· You can set the slideshow to loop through all open tabs or
specific tabs
· You can set the slideshow to repeat from start, stop, loop or
“Until stopped or reached”
· You can also set the end time of the slideshow
· You can use presets
· You can set slide length from 0 to infinite (count the number of
slides by clicking on each slide to show them)
· You can take control of the mouse while the tab slide show is
· Maxthon Tab Slide Show is compatible with Maxthon 1.0.0178
· Restart Maxthon Tab Slide Show
· If you do not restart Maxthon Tab Slide Show it will be used
just once
· Maxthon Tab Slide Show is coded

What’s New In?

There are two modes of Tab Slide Show:
– ‘Random’ – All tabs opened on current tab will be shown in slideshow.
– ‘Exclusive’ – Single tab will be shown in slideshow.
When you open the plugin dialog, it will start in Random mode.
If you click on the button, it will switch to Exclusive mode.
How to use:
1. In a tab, press the button to open the dialog. Pressing Start will start the slideshow.
2. It will loop through all opened tabs and play the slideshow. To stop it, press Stop.
Afterwards, it will close the dialog.
You can add the plugin to the drawer of Maxthon as ‘Plugins’ or add it as a single item to the drawer. You can find ‘Tab Slide Show’ in the ‘Maxthon Plugins’ list.
While it’s on your desktop, you can manage the slideshow via Maxthon’s Search feature.
The plugin uses the API ‘thd_gettabs’, ‘thd_remotets’, and ‘thd_settab’.
It can use Maxthon’s content and view engine.
· v1.0.0.3 – Improvement of slideshow scheduling.
· v1.0.0.2 – Improvement of slideshow scheduling.
· v1.0.0.1 – Improvement of slideshow scheduling.
· v1.0.0.0 – Initial releaseSan Francisco city leaders have asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to limit the number of patents in the city and its surrounding area.

The proposed limits, which will still be published in the next few weeks, attempt to balance the effect of patents on existing businesses with the effect they have on startups. It would also allow San Francisco to license patents in the city and surrounding area to startups rather than companies.

San Francisco already has more patent applications than any other U.S. city, but they mostly go to large companies that have existing operations in the city, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Proponents of the limits believe the proposed measures will benefit San Francisco’s tech industry by giving new companies a leg up, by encouraging startups to come into the city.

“We think that these changes will benefit our city by encouraging the city’s young companies to flourish and grow,” wrote SFMTA’s Director

System Requirements:

-OS: Windows® 7 / 8 / 10
-CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo 2GHz or faster (3.3GHz or faster)
-RAM: 2GB or more
-Hard disk space: 20GB or more
-Sound card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
-DirectX® 9.0c Compatible video card: 1024×768, 1280×1024
-DirectX® 9.0c Compatible driver settings: 1280×720, 1024×768, 800x

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