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A: The solution was to add an empty title I had made the Title() {display:block;} class=”title” inside the tag. I’m trying to use the new server-side session management in the next release to make it easier to play back pictures stored in the session. The very short of it is that you can still use PHP session variables to store image names, but the images themselves will be available as $_SESSION[‘myPicture’] where myPicture is the name of the picture (e.g. wall.jpg). You can then retrieve the images using: The new behaviour is actually completely optional and it is possible for PHP to ignore the $_SESSION directive entirely. I’d like to expose the old behaviour still as an option. The decision to make this optional was made due to a problem I discovered with JavaScript. Turns out that if you are dynamically setting the src attribute of a tag, you can’t read it’s value using DOM methods from a different page. The problem is that each session appears to have its own isolated DOM, meaning that DOM methods aren’t consistently shared and your reading and writing of session data isn’t guaranteed. I’m not going to propose a solution for this, I’d just like to highlight what a problem it was.Q: How to close a drawing when QGraphicsScene is in fullscreen? I have created a class to get some points from my gps and display them on screen. I display the scene as a fullscreen window. The class has a Button “Send”, which triggers to send the coordinates and close the window. The problem is that if i click the button the window gets closed but the scene remains open. I would like to have the new data in the scene after the close operation. I tried to use QDesktopWidget::setCornerButtonPosition(Qt::TopRightCorner) but that did not work. I have tried this in the following method of the class: bool parseSentence(QString sentence) { //code to send the points to server this->sendData(); this->scene->close(); //calls close() of the scene this->scene->removeItem(this->popUpItem); //

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