May 20, 2019
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Feb 27, 2020
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But will the new-old currency be accepted in shops and on the street?

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Not everyone is pleased to see the dollar go. For one thing, it could lead to more price instability in the market, say economists.

“The move from notes and coins to banknotes and coins will lead to a substantial increase in the volatility of financial markets,” said Martin Burton, a professor at the London School of Economics, in a recent academic paper.

While it’s hard to know what currency people will use once the dollar bill turns to ash, Burton said, the thing is to be able to track if the move toward cashless economics is actually making us poorer.

“Cashless may well be the way of the future,” he said. “But only if people have more purchasing power and the welfare of the economy is improved.”

One thing for sure is that it could lead to a lot more carrying around cash.

“Paper money is a source of information for speculators,” said Burton. “To avoid speculators, it is rational for people to carry less cash.”

And since almost everyone carries cash nowadays, that means more shopping carts.

“The fewer shopping cart markets,” he said, “the fewer crowds and, perhaps more importantly, the fewer speculators.”// untested sections: 8

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