Smart Redesigning Ideas For Small Spaces

Smart Redesigning Ideas For Small Spaces

Calgary, Canada; is one of the best cities to permanently reside in as a cosmopolitan city with numerous places and activities to keep you busy. Opting for Calgary apartments is one of the best choices you could make especially in modern times where buying your own house just isn’t feasible for everyone anymore.

It’s a popular misconception that small spaces are hard to redesign as you’ve to evaluate your space as well. However, we’re going to be proving that wrong with ideas to redesign your space efficiently.

Mirror Spacing:

Adding a vertical mirror to your room not only gives you the benefit of getting ready and trying on outfits easily but in the interior designing industry, it is highly preferred to give your room a more spacious feel to it. The best way is to place it alongside a wall with curtains surrounding it to hide the mirror if you want a cozier feel to the room.

Creating a Work Space:

A small apartment calls for creating a multipurpose space for your home. This means you definitely need a work station in your apartment. What better way than to set up a desk which can have multiple purposes for storing and displaying things as well as working or studying peacefully. Designers recommend setting up the desk in places that won’t take up too much space such as the area between two closets or on the side of the closet, maybe even pushed up against a corner. This can become an ideal workspace for your small Calgary apartment without even taking too much of your room.


Setting Up Your Bed:

First things first, go for a bed without an extra bed frame because you’ll need every little inch of space in your apartment bedroom. And let’s admit it; a bedframe just doesn’t have a lot of benefit. Moreover, positioning your bed along the corner of a wall gives your room more space and an enlarged feeling than if you simply place it in the center.

Bright and Light Walls:

You might’ve heard that to give a place a more open area, use lighter colors for painting the walls. Dark colors make the room look more enclosed and small and that’s one thing you definitely don’t want to go for if you’re living in an apartment bedroom. The best recommendation is to go for colors such as beige, peach and more importantly white! You can even add textures to it if you feel like giving it an extra appeal. Even for business or commercial purposes, light colors are more preferable to attract customers and you can hire a Calgary commercial painting company to make your life easier with this task.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are the premium way to place your things and you’re just taking up a small portion of your wall instead of extra space in your room. Plus, they look a lot trendier than shelves at every corner to store your belongings.

Opt for Minimalism:

Instead of going above and beyond with extra furniture that takes up too much space especially for bedrooms, go for a minimalistic approach. Your bed is the center-point of your room anyway, so even if you do need furniture, buy those that don’t take up a lot of space while giving your room a modern edge.

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