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Software documentation is a vital part of any serious software project as it helps keep track of all utility related and technical aspects of any application, not to mention the fact that it essentially improves the quality of product by transferring the required knowledge to other parties such as developers and users.
Since having reliable documentation is extremely important, so are the means to be able to create it.
SimpleDocServer is an efficient, modern, and lightweight markdown- and Helpinator-based web server that allows anyone to create just that – comprehensive online documentation for a plethora of projects.
With its help, developers, technical writers, and other similar parties can author content in Markdown and Helpinator, a tool capable of creating help files for a large array of apps. Besides its lightweight design, the major advantage of SimpleDocServer is the fact that it is very easy to use. Content can be created and published online in mere seconds by simply copying it to the project folder.
Easy to set up
What’s more, it also requires next to no maintenance, as it does not require the help of other complex database and server technologies such as Apache, PHP, or MySQL. SimpleDocServer can be installed by anyone with administrator privileges and it uses Windows services to handle all the web server-related work. It can be installed by simply running the streamlined installer and following the provided instructions.
The SimpleDocServer Admin tool is responsible for getting the server up and running. It allows users to configure the instance, as well as start and stop the server at any point in time. Users can choose the port, the path to the project files, and even pick a couple of themes. Please note that once the server has been started, the settings cannot be changed since they are disabled.
Comprehensive and user-friendly web server for online documentation
To conclude, SimpleDocServer is a very easy-to-use and capable web server designed specifically for technical writers or developers who require an easy way to publish online documentation. The content can be easily added from any text editor, and it also allows users to use any sort of collaboration system in the process, including Git.


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• Supports Markdown and Helpinator.
• Easy-to-use web server for online documentation.
• Creates online documentation for a wide range of projects in mere seconds.
• Lightweight and requires little maintenance.
• In-built tool for data storage, as it uses proprietary Serverless database, which can be accessed via API.
• Runs as a Windows service.
• Supports GitHub and Google groups as collaboration systems.
• Easy to install.
• Flexible yet simple.
• Excellent user experience.
• Suitable for both technical writers and developers.
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Documentation Server Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other OS
Hello, and welcome to the Lichtstube Software Documentation Wiki! This wiki project is dedicated to all software documentation servers.
This wiki is an extended version of the lichtstube wiki. It contains additional features such as a pull-to-refresh widget, a form to share a document with another site, and the ability to create custom classes.
Pull to refresh widget
It is an easy feature to use that allows you to monitor changes in content that is written in a document. It will alert you whenever there are new changes and require that you refresh the current page if changes are detected.
The pull-to-refresh widget allows you to automatically update the content in your documents and keeps you informed about new changes.
Share documents with another site
You can share a document with an external web site using the form.
Custom classes
You can create a new custom class that will be added to the sidebar. The form is located on the right and allows you to select a name, description, icons, and an optional image.
If you wish, you can add a link to the document. This link will take you to the website of the document. The description on the website will be appended to the description of the document.
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Welcome to the Lichtstube Software Documentation Wiki project. In this project, we develop software documentation servers.

Documentation Server Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other OS
Hello, and welcome to the Lichtstube Software Documentation Wiki project! This wiki project is dedicated to all software documentation servers.
If you would like to know more, you can download the source code of our software documentation server – You can download the source code

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SimpleDocServer is a basic markdown- and helpin…Q:

Why does boost::asio::io_service return a pointer to a pointer?

I was recently having some trouble with using boost::asio and C++, and decided to take a look at the source code. It turned out that boost::asio uses a library called I/O Completion Ports (IOCP). I never knew that was built into Windows.
Here’s the main function. I noticed that the io_service variable is a pointer to the boost::asio::io_service* object. Then it goes through all the functions and objects in the class, except that it doesn’t go through the callback function. It returns a pointer to the boost::asio::io_service* that the function it is in is handling.
I guess it’s doing the correct thing, but how is it doing it? Why isn’t it just returning a boost::asio::io_service*?
void io_service::run()
m_io_service.wrap(boost::bind(&boost::asio::io_service::run, &this->io_service)));


The boost::asio documentation states that the return value is a reference.
Notice the documentation for async_write_some:

async_write_some(AsyncWriteStream& s,
Iterator start,
BOOST_ASIO_MOVE_ARG(ConstBufferSequence) buffers,
BOOST_ASIO_MOVE_ARG(Handler) handler);

Edit: it’s not clear whether you found the documentation or copied it. Either way, the documentation is probably clearer.
typename enable_if <
is_convertible <

What’s New in the SimpleDocServer?

SimpleDocServer is a lightweight and highly efficient web server designed for online technical documentation, to be used by developers, technical writers, and other similar groups. Using it is extremely easy and all you need is to copy the project files to the server’s folder.

SimpleDocServer is a full-featured, HTML5-based, and Markdown-based documentation web server that can be used to create, edit, and publish online technical documentation for a variety of projects with next to no effort at all.

The publisher does not own the copyright of the content. The copyright of the content is with the user who uploaded it and all it’s agents. SimpleDocServer and any copyright materials and materials are the property of the publisher.

The publisher reserves the right to control and delete any and all use of the source code and content. The publisher reserves the right to delete or limit access to the source code and content in any form or in any part of the SimpleDocServer.

The publisher may assign all the rights to the content to any third party. The publisher will take all the necessary measures to ensure the content is not visible on the web for a limited period of time.

The publisher is free to use the content without requesting any permission and is also allowed to modify the content so long as it’s not done in a way that violates the publisher’s copyrights. The publisher is not allowed to remove any parts of the content that are legally owned by another.

The publisher is not allowed to use the content if the publisher is not the author of the content or if the publisher is using the content in any way that violates the publisher’s copyrights.

The project is published on our GitHub. The owner of the project is selected by the publisher. The owner is the project’s owner and has the following rights:

Modify and delete the content

Claim the project as their own in any format and make modifications to the source code

Transfer the rights to other parties

The publisher’s rights are the following:

Prevent content from being modified or deleted

Make changes to the published content

Prevent the content from being used in any way that violates the publisher’s rights

The publisher can use the content in any way they see fit, both inside and outside SimpleDocServer as long as the publisher does not violate the rights of the publisher.

The publisher can delegate any right to another person or company.

System Requirements For SimpleDocServer:

Mac OS X
Windows 7 / 8
Windows XP (with Service Pack 3)
Multicore Processors
2GB of RAM
8GB of hard-disk space
Apple Quicktime
Sound Card (supported formats)
Internet connection
Video card and monitor with 1280×1024 screen resolution
DVD playback software
Before you begin, please ensure that you have completed the FAQs and read the information about installing audio/video.
Begin by downloading the update files (view

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