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The world of shared drives is vast and growing each day. If you are using a Windows PC you may have lots of shared drives. Whether they be mapped networks drives or drives on your local network. Share Manager Free Download helps you manage and view all of your shared drives.

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Share Manager Free

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Sharing Manager is a straight forward application that can display and create shares and mapped network drives. It gives you basic information about each entry and allows you to open or delete existing shares and maps or create new ones

I can’t help but think that “Don’t make me think” is a better principle than “Make it easy”.
The brain of a Windows user is a big filing cabinet with a lot of share files and mapped drives – and if the user can’t see them at a glance, I can guarantee they’ll find some way of corrupting them.
So, if you make the user interface look like a filing cabinet, all you’ll have to do is train the user to how to manage their shares and drives.
Which is why Network Places are so useful.


You can use ADSI Edit from Microsoft, which works fine for me, too.

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What’s New in the?

Share Manager is a straight forward application that can display and create shares and mapped network drives. It gives you basic information about each entry and allows you to open or delete existing shares and maps or create new ones.

Share Manager Features:

Security options for mapping and exposing network drives and sharing files

Full Disk Access Control

File Compare Tool

Optional user password protection

View hidden files and folders

Share your files to a network drive and make it available for others to use.

Create or modify shares and map network drives to locations on your computer or network.

Manage and organize files for sharing.

Create and view contents of mapped network drives

Recover files from corrupted shares and maps

Manage and organize mapped network drives.

Create and view network shares.

Save, load and unload shares and maps.

Display and print network share information.

Schedule backup of network shares.

Send files by email.

Sharing and sharing permissions

It is possible to select for sharing your file or folder to individual users or groups of users. This can be done on a single share or across multiple shares.

You can control the permission level of the files or folders you share, either by viewing or changing the share permission, or by using ACLs (Access Control Lists).

Access and manage multiple shares at the same time

Share Manager shows a list of the files and folders shared on the computer, and which share they are shared on. To open a file that is shared on one or more of the shares you can select a share and click to select the file.

To view the properties of a share you can click on the share name, to open the properties dialog box. Here you can see the access control list (ACL) settings, which can be changed if required.

File comparison

A file comparison is a quick way of comparing two different files. You can use file comparisons to help find out which files are different.


You can click on a folder or file, then select Compare Files from the top menu. This will open a new file compare dialog box.

You can select files or folders that you want to compare, click on the Compare button to start the comparison.

View hidden files and folders

A hidden file is one that starts with a ‘.’ or ‘_’ character, and Share Manager will display these files when you select to view them.

You can select to view hidden files and folders in two ways:

View/Sort options

Right-click on any item, then select the option you wish to apply.

Open/Sort options

On the Open and Sort menus, you will see a sub-menu of options. Select from the options to open, delete or sort the list, as

System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements, to play online:
– Processor: Intel or AMD 64-bit processor
– Memory: 1GB (minimum)
– Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with support for Pixel Shader 3.0 or OpenGL 2.0
– Hard drive: 7 GB available space
– DirectX: DirectX 9.0c compatible; DirectX 9.0c. DX11 graphics drivers recommended
– Multithreading: Support for multi-core processors
– OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows

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