Roy Ayers Evolution The Polydor Anthology Rar 2021

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Roy Ayers Evolution The Polydor Anthology Rar


) is an American funk, soul and jazz composer, vibraphonist and record producer. Born in Fort Worth, Texas – died in 1959, buried in the cemetery of St. Paul’s Church in San Antonio, Texas.
Born (а): 08/28/1931, Irkutsk – died (а): 03/30/2000 (80)
Kissinger Henry Ford II (11/19/1941) was born – a well-known US statesman and politician, 43rd President of the United States (1989-1993), Nobel Peace Prize winner (1993).Born Mohamed Reza Pahlavi (1907-1988) – the reactionary Shah of Iran, President of Iran in 1953-62. Born and lived in Tehran. He was one of the leaders of the Islamic revolution in Iran 1979-1989. Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council with the rank of general. He did not have official posts, but it was under his leadership in 1988 that the outbreak of the anti-Shah uprising in southern Iran was suppressed.
Charles de Gaulle died (08.22.-09.08.1970) – President of France in 1958-1969, Generalissimo (1945, 1958), twice Hero of the Soviet Union, first cavalier of the Legion of Honor (1971), marshal (1970), general of the order Legion of Honor (1983), Hero of the Republic (1979).
Neymar was born (b. 1975) – Brazilian football player, striker of the Santos club.
Vasily Livanov was born (August 22, 1930 – August 25, 2012) – Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, People’s Artist of the USSR (1982).
Died Edith Piaf (1896-1926) – French singer who had a huge impact on the development of world vocal music.
George Violet (b. 13.091938, Dublin) – Irish politician, Member of Parliament (1963-1971). In 1967-1968. Chairman of the Irish Republican Army. Organized in 1969-1980. a series of terrorist attacks that resulted in the death of a large number of civilians.
Among all the nationalities of the world, the Ossetian language accounts for 2-3% of all syllables, which makes Ossetian the most common language in the world with a language, the basis of words, that is understandable to people on the planet.
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