Redesign your Home this summer with these Trending Home Designs

The summer brings many things in your mind such as easy and light things, breeze, and colorful days near a pool or on the beach. The summer makes you light-hearted and you get a kid feelings. So summer is the best times to bring out the excitement and to decorate your home with comfort. We are not going to break your bank and it will not affect your budget at all. So we are going to give you some budget friendly tips to decorate your home in summer with some trending designs. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

Try to Bring the Outdoor Inside

Summer is the time to enjoy outdoor and it is the best time to bring many things inside with living colors. Most of the interior designers recommend it you can give a very fresh feeling by making the living plants as the part of your home decor. It is very economical to maintain them and they continue to bloom throughout the season. Instead of buying cut flowers, you can add them inside your home. You can display live plants in a terrarium and decorate them inside the bird cage or a glass vase. You can make the colorful transition from your garden into your home.

Flounce the Chimney

The Fire place is the most decorative point in winter but you can turn them into a great focal point of your living room in summer. You can eliminate the old ash with creativity and you can add more paperbacks and orchids in the tall vases to give a modern summer look.

Include Small Things

You have to shake off the winter and instead of warm leather pillows you can replace them with small throw pillows and you can add many accessories to bring out more window treatment. Winter is for wool, mohair and rich colors and summer is for light stuff like linen, and breathable textiles like cotton and many fresh neutrals. You can also change the layout of the furniture and you have to move around the things to bring more orientation and create an outdoor looking inside your home.

Add some Seating

You can redesign your breakfast area. It is better to replace the chairs with bench. You can add an old church pew and also an odd vintage bench or a love seat. You can bring some outdoors seats inside. You can ask a carpenter to build some banquette with more seating in a tight place and you can cover them up colorful pillows. Make sure that these pillows have a zipper so that you can wash them once they are dirty.

Turning the Bedroom into a Beach Retreat

With some simple steps, you can turn your bedroom into a beachside Oasis that you are dying to visit in summer time. This can be done by installing an inexpensive canopy over your bed and you can add some plush and oversized pillows in the space. You can also place many colored rocks in your room to give an added touch.

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