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Learn how to use the extreme hand trainer from the man who started the kettlebell revolution.
George Blackman Richmond London GB
On Sunday, January 8, 1994, unexpectedly for everyone, I made a revolution in kettlebell lifting. I was on the kettlebell team and with great pleasure carried a full set of weights on my shoulders. But on Monday I decided to drive from London to Richmond, three hours from London.
I was shocked when I got to London, because it is much smaller and cannot be compared to Richford, but at the same time I felt something that I had never experienced before, it was the feeling that I had done something that no one had done before. did not do that in an instant changed kettlebell lifting.
That day, I thought, what could I do to make kettlebell martial arts more popular, so that they would be as popular in Rirby as boxing.
And on Monday, for the first time, we held group classes with kettlebell martial arts.
We did a few kettlebell workouts so that all kettlebell lifters could learn something, but during one of the workouts, a man came up to us and said:
“Can I tell you something about kettlebell wrestling?”
I answered:
Yes, sure.
“If I want to try what it is, won’t I be a problem for a lot of people?”
“No, that won’t be a problem for most people,” I told him. “Even if after a while you want to quit the weights, it won’t hurt you.”
“Thank you,” he said, and I think you could see from his expression that he was surprised by my answer.
Thus began my revolutionary change in kettlebell lifting.”
Each of us has our own internal ideas of what training should look like. I didn’t know until I tried it myself. We will not talk about the weight of the kettlebell. And about such an important thing as the shape of the weights.
What’s more important is the people and how they feel about what they do. They should treat training with respect, because if they are afraid that they will not succeed, or simply will not work out, then their training will not go well.
Therefore, I decided that the most important thing to do is to create an atmosphere of hospitality, respect and curiosity.
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