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69, including quick access to the Blizzard Megaupload key. He is trying to poach thousands and thousands of users. Blizzcon. July 18, 2015. Part 2. (Nicki DeMarco) The creator of Grand Theft Auto V – Don Shepard, apparently decided to change roles. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he stated that Tom Cruise is playing his character in the upcoming game. After a few days in the same position, Shepard leaves unexpectedly and is replaced by Dave Johnson. In the gameplay, Shepard will also most likely be replaced by Tom Hudson (maybe his brother). He also stated: “I’m actually a very demanding person, I’ve been working on the character for three years now. I make him do more and more, and I will show how he can do it even better.” He also said: “There is one guy from other games. I think it will be Tom Hiddleston.” (Robert Kirkman) “When the White Rabbit Sides” (when the pumpkin grows) is the ending of Lego Batman under the heading “Getting Status”. In fact, although he gets the title of an official character, playing in the game he will be just a small part of the story. “It will turn out literally: “Night battle”. The game will have the character Night Devil, who will come around the corner, says Jeff Beau. “Maybe that’s when Superman will come forward. There is a small poster on the wall with a picture of Lego. You can see a big Lego silhouette on it with Superman in the background. That’s what I think [Dave] Johnson did in the process of creating the character.” (Rob Van de Kamp) Finally, Finn Munning revealed that he has written an e-book of memories over the past few days. Manning said it took him 20 minutes to talk about how to bring his story to life. “This is not a story about an elf turtle,” he said. “This is a story about the time we created Lego, how we started it all, and how we felt when we did it.”



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