Modern Home Decor Ideas for 2020


The first and most prominent characteristic of modern home decor is simplicity. But yeah, having a simple home decor doesn’t mean having neutral color walls with negligible furniture. It also doesn’t mean bringing home the Iron Throne, because it’s trending is minimal , yet vibrant and full of personality. And here are five ideas :

1. Potted Plants:

You don’t have to plant vines all along the walls to be modern. A few small plants by the window or on an open shelf can uplift your mood and brighten the room too. Moreover, indoor plants can make your living space healthier and definitely fresher.

2. Open Shelves:

Having plenty of space around is another feature of modern home decor, apart from simplicity. And open shelves facilitate that. They’re minimal and don’t encroach upon your living space. However, refrain from cramming the shelves with stuff.

3. A Splash of Color:

When I say a splash of color, I mean just a splash. Pick up a corner wall and have an abstract design with bright and contrast colors. Whether it’s pink, orange or a dash of the rainbow, a few brushstrokes can change the ambience of the room.

4. A Cozy Gallery Wall:

Large gallery walls don’t go well with modern decor, but who said you can’t have one. Hang some strings and clip your life memories there. You can even frame a few photographs and align them horizontally, vertically or zigzaggedly. Don’t overdo though.

5. Minimal wall art:

The Iron Throne from GoT won’t fit the schema of modern home decor, of course, but you can hang minimal wall decor art made of metal. You can try minimal floral designs, animal representations and metallic reproductions of popular paintings. Hencely also has a range of other abstract metal works and popular figures.
Those were the five modern home decor ideas you can try this new year. What else is in your mind?

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