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Finding a number that satisfies a specific equations

I’m trying to find a number $x$ in an interval $a \le x \le b$ where the equation $ \sin(x+y) = x$ is true.
Since $ x+y \in \mathbb R $ I’m not sure if I can use $\sin$ as usual… I know that $\sin$ can be expressed in terms of $\cos$ as $\sin(x+y)=\cos(x) \sin(y) – \sin(x) \cos(y) $ but I couldn’t relate it to my equation. So is it possible to find $x$ that satisfies the equation?


We can use the algebraic identity that $2\sin x=\cos(x)+\cos(x+\pi)$ to write your equation as
Then, substituting in the double-angle formula for $\sin(x+\pi)$, we have
$$2\sin(x+y)=\sin(x)+\cos(x) \sin(\pi).$$
Now, since $0\le\sin(\pi)\le1$ and $-1\le\cos(\pi)\le1$, we see that
Hence, $0\le x\le\pi$.

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Nov 10, 2020
deep freeze for windows 10
deep freeze c0 for windows 10
deep freeze 5 for windows 10
deep freeze for windows 8

About this Blog

Here you will find very detailed help and tutorials on how to use the program package called Deep Freeze.

The program was created by Wibe Software. To find out more about this awesome program, just click on the “Download” link at the top of this post and you will be directed to the developer website.

Deep Freeze is a professional protection program that allows you to create and manage a dedicated Hardware/Software partition on your desktop or laptop where the OS can be put into a permanent deep freeze.

Deep Freeze is specifically designed to prevent the following threats:

A malware attack like a rootkit

Stolen information like credit card numbers

As well as any other malware attack

In the process of Deep Freeze installation, the program will give you some options where you can also decide which parts of the system should be locked or allowed to run.

If you need to use Deep Freeze as a scanning tool, then that also can be easily done from the Windows desktop. This is done by just going to the “System Tools” folder and then selecting “Deep Freeze”.

On the next screen, you will be asked to log-in into your system to scan your system.

Once the system is scanned and Deep Freeze is set to “In Use”, you can visit any website and Deep Freeze will not prevent your system from malicious activity.

The other way to use Deep Freeze as a scanning tool is to simply perform a “system restore”.

Once you are logged into your desktop and into Windows Explorer, you need to go to the following folder:


You will see a file called restore.wim. This is the system restore point and if needed, you can create a restore point so that in case something goes wrong with your machine, you can restore back to that restore point.

The last option is called “Deep Freeze Settings”. Go ahead and use that one if you need to make some changes in the Deep Freeze settings.

Deep Freeze will open up and show you the available options. You can see your hard drive, removable hard drives and even digital photo drives.

For hardware that’s locked

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