Can you live in a house with foundation problems?

House Foundations

A poorly constructed foundation can cause several different problems. These issues can lead to large gaps in the floor or bowed walls. These can also pose safety hazards. They can even lead to mold and water damage. If you are thinking about buying a house, you should have it inspected to determine whether or not it has foundation issues. You should contact a home inspector if you think that your house may have foundation problems.

If your foundation is in bad condition, you should not live in it. Although minor cracks might not pose a health risk, they may signal a bigger issue. It is still safe to live in a house with foundation problems, even if the damage is only visible. In such cases, you should seek help from a foundation contractor. Only they can tell you whether a home has serious foundation problems or not.

When you first notice a crack in your foundation, you should contact a structural engineer to get an assessment. The first sign that your foundation may be in bad shape is the crack width. If your foundation crack is greater than 1/16”, this is a sign of a more serious problem. Another sign that your foundation is in bad shape is moisture coming into the home. A structural engineer will be able to properly assess the extent of your home’s foundation problem, and determine if you can live in it.

You should be aware of the signs of foundation problems. You should hire a foundation contractor if you notice any of these problems. While minor foundation problems may not pose a health risk, it should be addressed. In fact, the best time to hire a foundation contractor is when you first notice visible symptoms. Oftentimes, a home with foundation problems will cost you more than $4,500.

If you’ve already found signs of a foundation problem, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. This will save you money and make it safer for you and your family. It may be a bit more difficult to repair a foundation problem yourself, but you can avoid the expense of hiring a foundation repair contractor to complete the repairs. However, it will be worth the time and effort to fix a home that has severe foundation problems.

Buying a house with foundation problems is a risky move. Although it’s important to check the foundation, you should be aware of any cracks that you find in the home. Some of these issues can be easily remedied, but major ones should always be addressed by a structural engineer. If you do decide to buy a home with a foundation problem, you can’t live in the house without professional help. Contact Atlas Piers of Atlanta for experienced foundation repair help today.

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