Kitchen‌ ‌Table‌ ‌Purchase‌ ‌

Kitchen‌ ‌Table‌ ‌Purchase‌ ‌

1- Make Sure to Get Accurate Measurements

While this may seem like a “no brainer,” it is actually one of the most essential steps of making sure you get the right table.  Without proper measurements, you may be looking for something that is entirely too small or big for your space.  Try to figure out if you need a table on the smaller side for your kitchen nook or a table made for entertaining in your dining space.  How many settings do you want or need?  Will a table that large even work for your dining room?  So, do yourself a favor and make sure you measure before you buy.  

2- Height Matters

Most people do not even know that dining tables come in a variety of heights.  The best ways to make sure you are getting the correct height is to ask yourself who sits at your table most.  If you are constantly serving small kids, you may want to choose something shorter.  Tables that require tall chairs are an accident waiting to happen for little kids. However, if you are serving adults and teenagers, any height will do.

3- Shape

Think about your space and try to decide whether a square or round table fits best.  Both are quite traditional and will get the job done.  Keep in mind, a round table has no corners so you can actually fit more people around it than a square or rectangle table. It is always helpful to read plenty of reviews, take a look at these from zgallerie.

4- How Many Chairs?

Do you have a large family?  Are you planning on having large dinner parties?  Is it only a table for you and your significant other?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding how many chairs you need.  It is up to you whether you feel you want to buy a couple extra chairs to keep in storage for that occasional party or in case one breaks.

5- Do You Need a Leaf?

A lot of tables come with the option of a leaf.  A leaf will make the table bigger for those occasions that warrant more space.  Both round and square tables often times come equipped with a leaf option.  Just remember, to buy extra chairs if you feel you will be using your leaf a lot.


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