Buy Ideal Sheets For Your Bed With These 3 Tips

Often we ignore the importance of bed sheets when evaluating the quality of our sleep. However, there are different reasons why this should not be the case.

Whether due to the materials, the color or the price, the sheets will play an important role in our bedrooms, so I want to give you 3 tips to take into account if you want to invest in the bedsheets that will best suit you.

1. The color of your personality

We know that the most common color for bed sheets is white. However, if you are someone who likes to get out of the ordinary, this information may please you.

Believe it or not, the colors of your sheets, furniture, and even decorative accessories can have a positive or negative impact on your sleep. So if you need to give a different tone to the way you sleep, we suggest you learn the true meaning of your favorite color.

Various studies show that people whose room or bedding is green, yellow or blue, spend calmer nights and wake up in a better mood.

2. Suitable materials

The sheet is the part of the bed that has the most contact with our body. Due to this, the material with which they are made should be the one that best suits your skin.

Each material has a different texture. Satin, cotton, linen, and silk are the most common materials because of their high quality, although their price can be high.

There are also materials such as polyester and nylon, but their texture is rougher, making them less recommended despite their low cost.

Also, make sure you know the number of threads woven because the higher the number, the greater the resistance and the lower the number, the greater the freshness.

Recently silver-infused antibacterial bad sheets have become popular because of their unique features. For example, they can be washed 3x less often.

3. Dress your bed according to the time of year

Due to the characteristic temperature changes of seasons, it is advisable to use different types of sheets for each season. It has been shown that there are several advantages to this method, which also helps you to increase the lifetime of your bedding.

Spring and summer: satin or cotton

Their soft texture against the skin and their fresh feeling make them ideal for sleeping even with the window open.

Fall: cotton, linen, or a mix of the two

Linen sheets let air through even better than cotton sheets. They have a rougher texture, but their ability to breathe makes them ideal for sleeping in hot and humid temperatures. Their ability to regulate temperature makes them ideal for sleeping all year round, but keep in mind that this material is more expensive.

Winter: satin or cotton mixed with flannel

Flannel sheets are very warm, with a soft texture that invites us to stay in bed all day. This may be ideal for the winter, but not everyone can last all night surrounded by something so warm.

If you are one of those people, use flannel only for one bedding item. You can play with different combinations: the flat sheet that is flannel and the rest is cooler cotton or your flat sheet is satin or cotton, and the pillowcase in flannel.

What material do you consider ideal for your bedding?

Have the best sleep!

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