How to Solve [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] Error

Communication has completely revolutionized in the past two decades. The email has been around for longer than this but it has taken a turn for the good in this time. The faxing machines have disappeared from the offices and most of the communication has moved to Email. When it comes to communication between offices and multinational companies, Outlook has outnumbered Gmail. Outlook has way more features that support the cause of communication between the professionals. It has a convenient and easy-to-use layout. When something gets used in abundance, the malfunctions also appear, the same is the case with Outlook. The [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error is one of the malfunctions Outlook users face.

Why does Error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] Appear on Outlook ?

This is not an easy question because there is more than one answer to this question and all of them can be right, so it is a little tricky. However, there are some very common reasons of [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]. Let’s get into some of them:

  • You might be using an old version of Outlook that is not supporting any new feature, hence showing the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378].
  • One of the most common reasons for error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] is cookies and cache.
  • 3rd party email application can be another reason for the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]
  • The Outlook app can get corrupted and need uninstallation.

Ways to Fix the Error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] on Outlook :

As we have discussed that reasons for the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error can vary, we need to find the solution that solves the error for your system. Let’s check a few solutions for the error.

Download Updates for Outlook :

There is a chance that your [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error is because of an outdated version of MS Outlook. Most of the time apps keep updated themselves but if for some reason this is not the case with you then you have to fix it manually. Here is how you can do that:

  • Go to the app downloader and check if there is an update available.
  • If there is an update, download it and update your app.
  • Now open your Outlook account to check if the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] is gone or not.

If the error is gone then it was because of your outdated version of outlook. Keep an eye on the updates so the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error does not come back to your system.

 Clean your Cookies and Cache :

When we open websites on our computer, they save some data in our system. Sometimes they inform us and sometimes they do not. Because of it, the cookies data becomes so much in the system that it starts interfering with the performance of the software. To fix it you need to delete the cookies and cache on your computer.

You can find the cookies and cache data in the options and delete them to free the space. Now open the Outlook app to check if the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] is still appearing or not. If it is not appearing anymore then you have gotten to the root cause. To avoid any kind of inconvenience in the future, keep deleting your cache and cookies.

 Get rid of the Third-Party Application :

There are instances when we do not know that there is more than one email application existing on our PC. ow this unnoticed app can be the reason behind the [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] error showing on your system. Two of the email apps can be interfering with each other and creating errors. Review the other email app and check if it is a trusted source. If it is not then delete it immediately. This would most likely stop the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] from appearing again too.

 Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook :

When we install Outlook on our system, some folders get corrupted during the installation. Your app will start working with corrupted folders but eventually, start showing the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]. To fix this situation, you will have to uninstall the existing app and reinstall it from zero. This is an extensive fixing process but the chances of error getting fixed are far higher too. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Find the Outlook app and uninstall it.
  • Uninstalling would take some time.
  • Do not start reinstallation in the middle.
  • Once the app is gone, go to the browser and download the most updated version of the Outlook app.
  • Now reinstall the app by following instructions.

Open the app and see if the issue will be resolved.

 Outlook Auto Repair Tool :

Outlook comes with a built-in auto repair tool. It can be used to fix the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378]. The reason can be very small and the auto repair tool will fix it without you going to any extra length.

 Wrapping Up

There are so many ways to fix the error [pii_email_e52fa7bb6627584ed378] but always start with the smaller options. Do not jump to the solution that will require you to delete the app from your system. Once the error is gone, make sure to keep an eye on all the factors to avoid any future inconvenience.

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