How to Install Proper Insulation in Your House?

How to Install Proper Insulation in Your House?

Insulation is the process of preventing loss of energy from one place to another. Insulation helps a great deal in conserving energy for the long-term. This goes for both summers and winters whether you need to keep the heat out of your house or prevent it from going out. Insulation is costly but once you’re done with investing in it, it can last a lifetime as well and help save you a considerable amount of money due to energy conservation.

Here’s what you can do to make your house adequately insulated throughout and lessen your worries on the heavy energy billings each month by making small changes that’ll have huge effects.


Windows are prone to energy loss and they increase your energy bill by about 10-25% according to research which is why insulation Calgary for your windows is an option you’d rather not skip on. For wooden-framed windows, firstly repair damages if any in the frame which allow energy loss. Aluminum frames can be insulated using draught excluders as well. Moreover, if your frame has any gaps in the corners use fillings to close them up. Extra measures include applying window films from the inside or blinds and curtains to keep the heat of the sun out.


Insulating your walls can differ on the fact whether your wall is built of wood or bricks. Wood frames are insulated using sprayed foam or loose filling by blowing it in the cavities using drilled holes in the drywalls. On the other hand, a brick wall differs in its insulation method by making use of cavities created in the interior of the wall all while the exterior is applied with new sidings.


It’s no secret; planting gives your surrounding a cooler effect in general. But another thing you can use planting for is to do so in a certain manner that’ll make the plants grow in a position that can naturally provide a shade to your house. Avoiding direct heat from the sun using this method can lessen the heat effect on the interior as well.



Decks can get extremely hot in the summers and oppositely let off all the heat your outdoor heater gives you in the winters. The prime method of insulating your deck can be using insulating materials whether you’re building a deck or simply renovating it. The most referred-to insulating materials for decks include glass wool, polyester, polystyrene and wool for the best energy conservation. Although, to do this and even for general repairs and renovations always consult a decking company Calgary if you live in Calgary to help you out with it to get the best results.


Door gaps also play a massive role in the loss of abundant energy and they’re often not taken in consideration when insulating your house, specifically the bottom door gaps. For this purpose you can use items such as door draught excluders or draught stoppers for proper insulation in Calgary, if you live there. However, excluders are more efficient in usage than stoppers which might prove as an obstacle in the way.



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