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Housefull 3 Movie Download In Blu-ray Torrent


House 3 (Arrow UK) (Blu-Ray for all regions). $23.99 Sadistic serial killer Max Jenke was sent to the electric chair for his heinous crimes… now he’s truly insane. He plays police officer Lucas McCarthy, who is about to finish off evil villain Max Jenke (Brion. Polanski). Lucas is unaware that Max has been assigned to eliminate him and his family, but he does know that his wife is dead. When Lucas gets the chance, he refuses. But when his wife calls him for the last time, he must kill Max and save their family. And Lucas starts to act. Cast: Brion Polanski, Robert De Niro, Sherilyn Fenn, Jeff Daniels, Hal Holbrook, Robert Mitchum, Robert Patrick, James Keach, Paul Freeman, E.G.Marshall. Directed by: Brion Polanski. USA, 1986. $17.99.



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