Does Home Inspection Matter?

Whenever it is about home inspection, one needs to ensure that one is in contact with a reliable service provider. Before that, you need to know in detail what a good home inspection actually means. Meanwhile, you need to locate and then access a home inspector. Last but not the least; you need to know how much you can spend on hiring these services?

Define Home Inspection:

It is a professional objective evaluation of the house. The professionals look at the current condition of the house or any building that they have been hired to inspect. It is different as compared the appraisal where efforts are made to place value of a house which is a requirement of a lending institution. Moreover, it is also not the inspection related to building code compliance demanded by the local building regulations.

Users of Home Inspection:

It is one of the parts of the home buying process. Most of the times, it is performed when a buyer requests for it. In this way, the buyer of the house or the building stays safe from the unseen inconveniences. At times, it is also demanded by the bank of the buyer in order to safeguard the risky investments in long run. In case there are issued found, then the seller is asked to effect the repairs, to renegotiate the selling price, as well as to pay for the repairs.

There are times when the house sellers ask for this kind of inspections so that they may come to know about the issues before hand. This enables them to get rid of the mentioned problems and fix them before the selling process in order to ensure that handsome amount is earned.

A quality home inspection offers the following services according to the needs of the customers:

  • Being a seller, inspection facilitates you to market your property in an effective manner
  • If you are a buyer, inspection may warn you about potential costly as well as unnoticed repaired that will be required by the house in order to be sold at reasonable price.
  • Being a homeowner, you need these services to ensure that your home is safe according to the standards

What does good Home Inspection mean? 

A good quality home inspection performed includes the following points:


It looks for the issues in flashing’s, siding, windows, bricks and doors for locks etc. Also it includes the general condition of the house including rot, vegetation and surface drainage etc.


It takes care of the general conditions of flashings, shingles, downspouts, and gutters etc., for proper inspection.


Signs of shifting, out of square frames, cracks, signs of water penetration, improper cut etc.

Cooling and heating:

Age, type, energy rating and testing for normal operational activities of these systems


It takes care of the type of supply related to private and public look for water pressure, drainage from sinks, inspection of the other fixtures and faucets etc.

Attic, ventilation and insulation:

Inspection of insulation for unfinished and accessible areas, ventilation of attics and other systems related to mechanical ventilation etc.


Inspect for the drywall, loose plaster, moldings etc. Test a number of windows and doors etc.

Being a resident of America, you must be aware of the standards of the home inspection services. Not everyone can offer these services to you. You need to hire the professional and licensed professionals like ASHI SUNCOAST.

ASHI is qualified source for professional home inspection in every possible manner who is offering these services for domestic as well as commercial buildings.  You will have peace of mind that your building is according to the industry standards and this is one of the major reasons for you to choose ASHI for your property.

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