FRIK STICK – Far Reaching Insect Killer

Far Reaching Insect Killer

Getting rid of your unwanted guests will be a close encounter but it doesn’t have to be a fist fight. FRIK stick is the answer to your insectvrelated problem. FRIK is an acronym for Far Reaching Insect Killer. It is designed to get rid of insect while stayin as far away as possible.

Far Reaching Insect KillerFRIK stick is a long adjustable pole device with an adhesive pad at the end that grabs the intruding insect.

Complete with a compact ball joint, the FRIK stick makes it easy to reach any bug at any angle. Once captured, the pads fold up to secure the insect, making for easy disposal.

Highlighted below are the issues the FRIK stick solves:

  • Minimize mess while completely getting rid of the insect.
  •  Gets rid of insects from hiding place.
  •  Staying as far away as possible while completely eradicating the unwanted guest.

FRIK stick is useful at:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Garages and sheds
  • Gardens

Places where insect are difficult to catch. With typical bug spray being harmful to human health, the chemical-free solution stick can be used for bug removal while leaves zero mess. The stick is articulate in nature and universally applicable.

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