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focus t25 focus t25 focus t25 Focus T25 is just one short workout per session. This means there’s no time to slack off, no time to step on the scale and no time to put your head down and keep doing less-than-stellar bodyweight exercises. In fact, you’ll have to adapt the workouts to suit your workouts. So you won’t be doing incline . Focus T25 is a workout designed to give you the physical and mental intensity to work on those weaknesses and become the person you know you can be. When you’re training so hard that you feel like you’re going to pass out, FOCUS T25 is the workout . Focus T25 is a 10-week workout that takes 25 minutes to do. Workouts only take 25 minutes, so you have plenty of time to shift through this book and actually complete the workouts. The book is split into shorter chapters, which are broken down even more into workable chunks. . You may also be thinking you’re going to have to spend all of those 25 minutes working your way through the entire 10-week DVD. That’s not the case. Sure, all of the workouts are separate. . Dec 6, 2020 With every other fitness DVD I do, I think to myself, ‘Couldn’t they have at least tried to shoot something that wasn’t so obvious?’ Because this video by Fe.​s Sat Dec 06, 2020 05:03 AM EST My favorite part of the video is the orange shirt dude. Jan 18, 2020 FOCUS T25 is what it is: An intense, kick-ass strength training workout program that works! My only gripe is that it’s not sold with an inexpensive price. Usually when a seller knows that you aren’t in it for the money, you can deal. However, I think that knowing that you are going to get the most bang for your buck with other workouts is a nice extra. Thu Jan 18, 2020 03:09 AM EST The first thing I noticed was that the method this program uses to go through all of the workouts is different than any other workout you’ll ever come across. Because of that, it makes for a very flexible workout that can be used with a variety of exercises as you see fit. Wed Jan 17, 2020 03:42 AM EST The workouts are intense but with a lot of different body parts being worked on,

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