What To Expect During Fence Installation Process

What To Expect During Fence Installation Process

Many homeowners wise up to the importance of letting a professional fence company perform the task for them. But just like any tradesman, even fence companies also do have their distinct culture and idiosyncrasies. What exactly happens when you get a fence company to professionally install a fence for you when you’ve got a bad fence company installed a fence in the past is not always smooth sailing all the way around. Certainly, having a fence company to perform the actual physical work of installing your fence is generally easier than doing it yourself, but only if you know what to anticipate.

Most homeowners understand that the main reason why a fence company would want to install a fence is for security and privacy. This is generally what the fence company will promise you during the install. However, you should expect certain bumps along the way. Not just because the fence company did a poor job installing the fence – although that would certainly be a determining factor – but because it’s the nature of a utility line.

Utility lines are high voltage lines that are placed in locations where electrical lines are already existing. When the fence company sets up the fence installation, they are going to run the wiring for the electric fences along the utility lines. Most utilities are equipped with what is called “fence breakers” which prevent the high voltage from actually touching the wiring located beneath the ground. Unfortunately, this “fence breaker” is not built to handle the power coming from electric fences and this can cause damage to both the new fence installation and to the existing utility lines that carry the electricity.

Most fence companies will also use submersible pumps to install the new fence in place. Although these are not as common, they are used by many fence companies. Basically, when the new fence company breaks the water or ice through the bottom of the new fence, the submersible pump fills the hole and helps to correct the problem. Unfortunately, it is also another potential source of damage to your new fence; whenever enough water or ice gets into the pump, it can often damage the wiring or cause leaks inside the utility lines. Visit complete custom fence to get quality and affordable custom fencing in the Greater Central Florida Areas.

Finally, you need to ask the fence company about emergency services. Are they emergency repair only or do they offer services such as removing collapsed fencing? Obviously, if the fencing is damaged, there needs to be someone on site the second the emergency arises. Most fencing companies will offer this kind of service but it’s something you may need to ask about ahead of time. Fences collapse often because of weather and other issues and without an experienced team on hand, it may be difficult to have them removed and replaced quickly. The last thing you want is for your fences to get damaged once they are in place and you don’t have the appropriate workers on hand.

By following these steps, you can protect your fencing investment and reduce the chance that you’ll need to hire professional services to help you repair the damage. If you do require fencing repairs after a storm or other disaster, you can avoid a lot of the headaches that come with trying to replace damaged fencing by hiring a fence company in advance. Many businesses will offer free estimates on different types of fencing and other utility line services and you can use this as a tool to choose the one that offers the best value. Just be sure to check with the employees working on the job to make sure you will be able to get the service you need within reason.

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