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DVD-lab PRO Crack+ Latest

Create the most professional DVD menus you can imagine with this powerful program. This DVD-video authoring application provides a wide range of features to handle even the most complex situations.
* DVD video authoring
Create professional menus for DVD’s, videos, magazines, etc.
* DVD authoring templates
Create menus with DVD-video authoring templates that work just like the built-in menu editor
* DVD menus
Edit, control and create DVD menus
* Automated menu creation
Create CD/DVD menus in any language
* DVD writer
A DVD writer integrated into the application
* DVD video presets
Create a video project from DVD-video project presets
* H.264 decoding/encoding
Create encoded video files (H.264 files) with DVD-video presets or from scratch
* DVD-video source projects
Create and edit DVD-video source projects
* DVD track projects
Create DVD track projects from DVD-video source projects
* Transition
Create a DVD with transition effects
* DVD HTML tutorial
Create your first DVD with an HTML tutorial
* DVD+ Subtitles project
Create a DVD with DVD+ Subtitles
* DVD+ HTML tutorial
Create your first DVD with an HTML tutorial
* DVD+ Subtitles
Create a DVD with DVD+ subtitles
* DVD+ VTS project
Create a DVD with DVD+ subtitles and authoring
* Make a DVD
Create a DVD by authoring
* DVD+ VTS project
Create a DVD with DVD+ subtitles and authoring
* DVD+ menu
Create a DVD with DVD+ menus
* DVD+ VTS project
Create a DVD with DVD+ subtitles and authoring
* Automatic subtitle updates
Automatically update DVD+ subtitles
* Easy to use
Create professional DVDs with ease
* Automatic track grouping
Group MPEG2, AC-3 or DTS audio tracks automatically
* Audio track previews
View audio tracks in a preview window
* Auto-adjust
Increase the font size of the menus
* DVD-video time code
Create an automatic time code on a DVD video
* Video de-interlacing
View de-interlaced videos
* DVD/video picture stretching
Remove all errors that could cause DVD menu video stretching
* DVD/video auto-stretching
Create an automatic video stretching
* DVD-video moving
Automatically position video files according to the DVD title
* DVD video menu preview
Preview the complete DVD

DVD-lab PRO Crack+ [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

DVD-Lab is a powerful application designed to help you author video DVDs like a professional. It provides access to a lot of advanced features that can make the difference between amateurs and seasoned users.
The interface of the application allows you to create a new project and to customize the disc. While it is not very easy to use for beginners, the program includes a lot of options that can change the playback of the DVD.
In order to create a DVD you need to import the assets that you want to use. All the video clips, the images and the audio tracks can be accessed from the lower panel. You can combine them in creating the DVD or import an already compiled VTS from an external source.
The program can create a customized menu and change the links between the video files with minimum effort. For the menu creation the program includes a lot of graphical tools such as frames, backgrounds and buttons.
You can also change the restrictions that are applied to a certain movie from the DVD in order to control the experience of the user. For instance, if you create a presentation DVD you might think to prevent the user from stopping the video or from changing the audio stream once the playback has started.
The main advantage of the application is the flexibility that allows the user to create the DVD without following a certain preset. You can create a commercial DVD as well as a vacation movie compilation.
The downside is that you can easily forget a certain setting that can generate problems. For instance, if you add a menu and forget to add a button the menu can lock the player in an infinite loop. Fortunately, the program checks the project before compiling the DVD and displays all the encountered errors.
DVD-Lab is mainly designed for professionals and is a very useful tool when you need to create discs for commercial use.

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DVD-lab PRO Free

Key Features:
* Transcribe text in any language
* Automatic synchronization between audio and video
* Mark subtitles from any language
* Create text captions for the video tracks
* Append the subtitles directly into the video files
* Change the size of subtitles and font colors
* Adjust the colors
* Generate different subtitles at the same time
* Trim the videos and subtitles
* Change the subtitles playback mode
* Automatic language detection
* Automatic DVD audio volume level adjustment
* Adjust the contrast and brightness
* Automatically restore the original definition and color
* Automatically add time
* Rotation of the video
* Selectors, cheats, loops
* Choose the audio song from the player
* Display the media player features
* Translate directly in any language
* Transcribe the selected words
* Insert subtitles into a clip file
* Insert captions in several clips
* Insert caption track in several clip files
* Insert track in several clip files
* Insert text tracks into several clip files
* Split a video clip into several clips
* Split a video file into several clips
* Add VOB cuts in several clips
* Split a video file into several VOB files
* Recut a video file into several VOB files
* Process a clip in several files
* Process a video clip into several files
* Create a video slideshow
* Create a video soundtrack
* Re-channel a video file
* Remove audio watermarks
* Remove audio/video watermarks
* Create DVD menu
* Create menus
* Create titles with multi-language features
* Create titles with multi-language subtitles
* Create titles with multi-language captions
* Create titles with multi-language subtitles
* Create titles with multi-language captions
* Create titles with multi-language captions
* Create chapters with multi-language features
* Create chapters with multi-language subtitles
* Create chapters with multi-language captions
* Unpack DVD files
* Remux data
* Adjust the audio volume
* Adjust the contrast
* Adjust the brightness
* Automatically increase the audio volume
* Automatically decrease the audio volume
* Automatically increase the contrast
* Automatically decrease the contrast
* Automatically adjust the brightness
* Automatically adjust the brightness
* Adjust the gamma
* Adjust the gamma
* Tint
* Tint
* Integral (luminance)
* Integral (

What’s New In DVD-lab PRO?

The application allows you to author video DVDs like a professional.
DVD-lab PRO features:

• Create a DVD from the most simple template. You can create a slideshow, a list of video clips and a complete menu.
• Change the restrictions that are applied to a DVD movie. For example, if you create a presentation DVD you might think to prevent the user from stopping the video or from changing the audio stream once the playback has started.
• You can use several media files (videos, audio files and images). You can use one or more compositions to a single asset or use a mix of styles for a single asset.
• Insert the media items using layouts such as frames, flash effects, buttons and backgrounds.
• Import VTSs from external sources such as Final Cut Pro or PowerDirector.
• DVD burning with or without menus.
• Configure the playback speed of DVD discs with video for playback at different speeds.
• Control the content restrictions as well as the access restrictions to prevent copy or bypass the licensed features of the DVD.
• Preview the DVD in your application before creating.
• Preview the DVD to allow the user to make any changes as long as it is consistent with the rest of the project.
• Configure DVD authoring with a customizable layout.
• Add text and subtitles directly in the DVD project.
• Generate a VOB with a specified name directly from the source.
• Format any file as a DVD using different presets.
• Export the project in PDF, JPG and MP4 formats.
• Playback DVD discs in any application such as Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player and Nero Burning ROM.
• For more advanced projects you can also generate a DVD structure and select components such as chapters, languages, menus or audio tracks.
• The program includes a lot of wizards that allow you to select or choose an option to save time in the process.
• The video tools are very intuitive.
• The interface is very organized, making it easy to find the options and the features.
• The program includes a help file.

• Organize content. For example, you can add a different type of video clips to different chapters.
• Configure a multi-level menu

System Requirements:

1 CPU core
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