The Destruction that Excess of Garbage is Causing

The Destruction that Excess of Garbage is Causing

Do we ever think what happens to the waste that we ‘throw out’?  Never do we once think where all this garbage will be dumped. The problem is that the garbage is dumped EVERYWHERE, on the streets, in the unused parking areas, in the clearing between the jungle. But the ironic thing is that none of us seem to notice it, we have become so habitual of throwing away garbage and looking at it every day that we don’t even realize what degree of damage we are causing to the earth and to ourselves.

Day by day the health of the human race is deteriorating because of the bad environment for which we are responsible.  The waste has done its damage but there is still some hope left, we should realize by now that the waste is not only affecting us but the animals, birds, marine life and the whole ecosystem in general. And should take it upon ourselves to find the solution to this problem, we can try the best waste king to properly get rid of it.

The waste wouldn’t be this dangerous if the garbage stayed at one place, but this is not the case. The garbage that we throw out travels around by air, sea or even humans, something you threw out a month ago can be found from a place where you never even went.

Obviously, there is some garbage that is produced by the earth itself like natural calamities destroying whole towns (well towns are made by men and so we are at fault here too somehow). Let us explore the dangerous impacts of waste and garbage on our life as well as on the life of other beings and on the ecosystem.

  1. Impact of waste on human life: humans are the only species that produce waste that is harmful; other living being’s waste is always beneficial for the growth of plants fertilizing the soil.  Humans suffer from all sorts of illnesses; they even die because of the health threats that waste posses. Kids are born with diseases that are caused by bad environment, respiratory problems, skin cancer, etc.
  2. The impact of waste on animals and marine life: when we throw something on a beach or in an open area from where it can fly and get stuck in trees or bushes of forests where animals live; they get stuck in it and sometimes consider the waste as food and eat it. And due to eating it (mostly plastic straws, bottle caps or shoppers) die because of suffocation. The animal species are getting extinct
  3. Impact on the whole ecosystem: whenever we burn the garbage or throw it out without properly disposing of it; it immensely harms the environment. By burning; the waste produces gasses so harmful that they damage the ozone layer, resulting in extreme weather conditions. When we don’t dispose of them properly, they get stuck in the roots of plants/ trees and suffocate them to death, which again cause less rain and more pollution in the environment.

These were only the tip of the iceberg named garbage; garbage can cause way more serious harm to everything, more than we can imagine. The sad part, however, is that the humans suffer the most because of all this and they themselves are the biggest cause of it.

But we can still realize our responsibility and should not throw garbage anywhere; we should play our own part and dispose it to its proper place. There are some best garbage disposals in the market that you can try for playing your part.

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