5 Creative Ideas To Share The Moving House Announcement


Going to move your house? Do not forget to share your new address with your close ones. Other than the digital news sharing ways there are multiple traditional and creative ways that help to announce your moving news.

Are you looking for an impressive way to announce your address? It can be with sharing the thoughtful note, card, or letter with the family or friends to tell them about your new location. No matter if you are a frequent mover or shifting after a long time. There are exciting ways that turn this news announcement into an impressive one. like the moving house cards, one of the ways to announce a new house address.

Moreover, here are some creative ideas other than the boring and simple one, that turn the house moving news into an interesting one. Follow some creative ideas as mentioned below:


  • Break Out The Tradition

Other than technology you can use the old school to share the news of moving house with family and friends. In this age of technology, you can use the handwritten letter and note to write the address and post it directly to the relatives. Moreover, it is good to add some snapshots, pictures, or a map of your house for a better understanding of the location and helps to locate the address better.

  • Use Digital Way

A digital way to share the house address can be good. You can write a traditional plain email to the close one about the house address or use housewarming online invitations. On multiple sites, you can find different creative online invitations that offer the modification as per your requirement. Just go to the one and customize it as per your need and download it to share as the house announcement note. Further, there are some interactive voice messages that can also be shared through email instead of writing a simple email.

  • Use A Crafty Idea

Craft one message or invitation is another creative idea to share the moving announcement. You can use different DIY ideas to make an impressive announcement. Whether you can choose the online postcards, invitation postcards, and different crafting cards. More, you can design your own by pinning the address and share as a digital crafty card. It helps them to reach the location by following the map.

  • Throw A Party

Inviting the family and friends before leaving for a new location is an old custom. You can make it traditionally by calling up for dinner and gathering. It gives a source to announce the location moving a good to share the new address directly. Make a handwritten note and give it to the guests that are invited to the party to make a formal announcement.

  • Make Video Call

After moving the house, there is a way to announce news about shifting through social media or online tools. You can make a video call or group video call for relatives or friends to tell them about your new house.




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