Two Countertop Materials to Make Your Kitchen Look Impressive

wooden kitchen

Renovating your home or searching for a new one? If so, consider the value of the kitchen as a central room in your house. The kitchen is an area where we all gather — adults, children, and guests alike. As the resident of the home, you will be there every day, preparing breakfast, grabbing snacks, making dinner, or creating a new dessert. In addition to food preparation, the kitchen and dining nook often become the place for completing homework, paying bills, planning meals, and discussing the events of the day. Because of this reality, you’ll want to make sure the kitchen looks luxurious yet feels like a sanctuary, and you can start that undertaking with the countertop.

The kitchen countertop is an important detail that catches our eye and ties the rest of the kitchen into a beautiful blend. You want to find one that not only creates a stylish look but can also handle its frequent and varied use. In this article, we will explore two materials for countertops and how they can be used with the different needs of the homeowners.

wooden kitchen


Granite offers a busy, almost nebula-looking design and comes in several color varieties. Brown, grey, black, and white are a few of the dominant colors that support the natural texture of the stone. If you have darker cabinets, a lighter color countertop will blend nicely. However, dark colors with darker cabinets can still make a luxurious combination. For example, using different shades, brown cabinets complement brown granite countertops, giving the kitchen a rustic pop. You can use your granite as a foundation for the rest of your kitchen décor.  Once granite is sealed, it will resist staining and bacteria, proving to be a worthwhile long-term investment that boosts your home value.


Quartz is especially popular in Florida. While some quartz can look busy like granite, other quartz can be relatively solid and render wavy designs. Usually, quartz is white or a lighter color, but some do come in other colors, such as black and blue. However, white is the most popular. A white colored kitchen or a kitchen with dark cabinets both work well with quartz countertops. The color contrast between the cabinets and countertop will make your kitchen stand out. Available in antimicrobial forms, quartz is impermeable to stains and can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water. If a simpler kitchen design is what you’re pursuing, then quartz countertops are the right choice.

The kitchen and home design can become overwhelming. Materials, colors, placement, and more can make design a difficult task. Fortunately, professional and friendly companies like US Design Source can assist you in the design process. Surrounded by samples and choices in their 10,000 square foot Design Center, they will help make your home look modern and stylish. With careful attention, they make choosing and installation easy. Contact them today!

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