Autodesk Inventor 2016 license error ✋


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and are shown below:
What if I was using iPad for remote login in a place which is far away from my instructor laptop.
How to set up license key correctly: The notification bar says this license key is already registered.
Can you give me a solution for the same?


1) You have the latest “legally” software installed (which is important to not get side tracked for the “other” side of the online discussion).
2) The issue of an out of date license key is addressed when installing – I think you should be able to install the latest components and follow the other instructions for the UI upgrade and which version of Inventor you have.
And the “tooling” is one of those interesting ones to consider along with the license key question.
3) Apps can have to do some deeper work to enable Inventor functionality to be accessible remotely. For example, using IPython/Jupyter to connect remotely; you can open the GUI but it will be unaware of the power features of Inventor and you won’t have access to the “other” side of Inventor.
4) Many of the apps are freely distributed (as they are with the Zenworks / Inventor packages – they cost money because it is a decent software package and it isn’t part of the MS solution suite. These are providing a free App under the MSAGPL.

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