A Fool-proof End Of Tenancy Checklist

fool-proof end of tenancy

Whenever we rent a house, we sign a tenancy agreement with the landlord or landlady or the house renting agency. The tenancy agreement states that you have to pay some money at the beginning of your living at the house and when you leave home you will have to leave it in the same condition as was at the time of renting or else your tenancy money will be used to clean the house.

A lot of people lose their tenancy money because the house is not in the same condition. But if you want your deposit back at the end of tenancy, you should clean it and leave no spot behind or hire someone to clean it for you. If you are cleaning the house yourself, then an excellent way to clean it is to make an end of tenancy cleaning checklist which will help you organize and clean the place in a proper way.

Your checklist should be organized in such a way which is easy for you. The sequence of the list should be:

  • Bedrooms
  • Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Dining room and
  • Hallway

In this order, your work will be done accurately and spotlessly.

  • The Bedrooms:

 Your bedroom is your personal space, and it is the place of the house which you know the best, you also keep it as clean as you can, and so it might take less time than the rest of the house to clean. However, if your room is carpeted, you need to remove that carpet and clean the room, but before the carpet clean and wash the wardrobe, switches, walls, doors, and its knobs, windows, and cupboards. If needed, use a brush, scrubs, floor shampoo, powdered detergent or vacuum.

  • Washrooms:

Bathrooms are probably the most time-consuming area to clean. Start by cleaning the shower and the taps with a good scrub, then scrub the sink and the tiles of any dirt (especially in between the lines), then wash the toilet properly with bleach and finally disinfect the whole bathroom and wipe the cupboards and mirrors.

  • The Kitchen: 

Most of the time the kitchen and the bathroom is inspected by the landlord properly before they pay you back your tenancy deposit, both these places are difficult to clean, and both these places need to be flawless without any spot.A lot of grease and dirt can deposit in various areas in the kitchen which you need to take care of. Apart from the things in the front also clean items like tiles, doors, cupboards, windows, floor, false ceilings, appliances like an oven (you should keep it clean while you’re living in the house)

  • The Living Room And Dining Room: 

Mostly these two areas are combined and kept clean because a lot of guests come and sit here, and this is why it won’t take you a lot of time to clean these places. However, you still need to inspect it properly for buildup grime. Clean the floor, window and their frames, skirting boards, lamps, doors, and knobs, frames, etc. also, get the curtains and sofas washed of the whole house.

  • The Hallways:

Hallways are an essential part of the house as they lead into the house or the stairs, this is the 1st place noticed whenever someone visits you, and you should clean every corner of it.

Lastly, clean all the remaining areas like the garage, stairs, attic, porch, roof, etc, leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning because ethically it is wrong to return something in bad condition and also because you want your money back.

The best way to save yourself from so much work at the end is to keep your house clean while you are living there; once every month properly clean you are so you won’t have to worry that much in the end.

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