5 Tips That Will Help You to Clean Your Timber Floor

Timber floors give your floor an amazing look. Nowadays, people prefer to get timber floors in their homes and personal spaces. In timber flooring, you can find a wide range and variety, in Australia, like Timber floor in Sydney or Floating timber floors in Sydney are the most common and beautiful types of timber floors found in Sydney.

Timber floors are not just durable but are also available at a reasonable price. Timber flooring fits exceptionally well with the interior of your home and offices. But yes, cleaning the timber floor is a bit tricky.

Here are the top 5 tips to clean your timber floor:

  • Dust Regularly:

First, it is important to dust your timber floor regularly. As the dust particles remain on the floor and inside its edges until you clean it. Therefore, it is important to dust the floor thoroughly and regularly. Mob the floor or vacuum it at least once or twice a week.

  • Polish The Floor:

To maintain the shine or to give it a fine look polish the floor. Polish your floor after 2 to 3 months. It is recommended to use a water-based polish for your floors. It not only gives your floor a new look but also creates a protective layer on the timber floor. Always try to use the polish of great quality. As low-quality polish never gives your floor a proper look and makes the surface slippery.

  • Don’t Use Non-Friendly Substances:

While cleaning the timber always remember that all the cleaning substances are not timber friendly. For cleaning the wooden floors soaps, steam, wax, and vinegar are not suitable. No doubt, these substances are perfect to clean other households. However, for your wooden floors, these substances are harmful. If you will use these substances on your timber floor, it will make your floor dull and rough.

  • Protect From Water:

Water is harmful to your timber floors. It gradually ruins the finish of your floor. It not only damages the surface of the floor but also damages it deep inside. The water or any wet substance penetrates deep into the timber floor and leaves a stain. If you see a wet substance like tea or coffee on the floor clean it immediately. Clean the wet spills with a piece of cloth.

  • Use Ice To Remove Sticky Stuff Stains:

For cleaning a sticky stain from the floor, you need to be very careful. Never make the mistake of scratching the stain. As scratching, the stain will leave the marks, scratches or lines on your floor. Thus, to clean a sticky stain use an ice cube. Use an ice cube to harden the stain and then with plastic scratchers gently scrape the stain.


Now cleaning a timber floor is not an issue. Proper cleaning adds more life to the durability of timber floors. You have to be careful while cleaning the timber floor. Don’t use any harmful substances on the floor. Also, clean the floor regularly to keep the floor clean and beautiful. You can keep them looking new as day one by properly cleaning and maintaining these floors.


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